Website improvements for the National Farmers' Federation

The National Farmers' Federation (NFF) is the peak national body representing farmers and agriculture across Australia.

After receiving poor feedback from website users regarding the user experience and performance of the website, NFF approached Revium to complete an audit of the current website implementation on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).The audit identified numerous areas for improvement in order to bring the current website more in line with best practice development and user experience standards.

NFF chose to partner with Revium to further investigate and systematically address the top priority issues identified, including performance, user experience, security and digital marketing enhancements.

Goals and Challenges

As NFF had already invested significant time and budget to develop the current website on AEM, and because of existing hosting contracts, enhancing the present website was the preferred approach to addressing the issues, as opposed to rebuilding the site from scratch.

The team at Revium worked closely with NFF to prioritise the issues identified during the website audit, based on those that would have the most meaningful impact for visitors and align with best-practice standards for website performance, user experience, security and reporting/analytics.

The objectives of this project were to deliver a simplified user experience for both NFF members and the public, increase engagement with blog posts and news articles, reduce page load speed and improve website performance, and enhance Google Analytics implementation and customisation for more valuable insights and reporting.

Revium anticipated that a number of challenges would be encountered during the project, as is expected when working with existing code and configurations. Revium worked closely with NFF to overcome these challenges and implement solutions that would enable future updates to be more straightforward.


Revium implemented the agreed-upon fixes for the on the existing instance of AEM, incorporate best practice standards and solutions wherever possible in order to meet NFF’s business and marketing objectives.

A major focus of the project was customising the Google Analytics implementation for the site, including ensuring data hygiene, setup of tracking for all key interactions and conversion points, and creating a Google Data Studio dashboard to assist NFF with reporting and inform future website improvements.

The website enhancements were pushed live in three releases, each release delivered significant improvements for both website visitors and content authors.


The completed website solution provided NFF with:

  • Streamlined sign up process

  • Enhanced functionality for public visitors and logged-in members

  • More comprehensive analytics and tracking

  • Faster page load speed and performance

  • Simplified URL structure

  • Improved site security