In today’s business environment, every organisation is dependent on its digital technologies to remain competitive. Selecting the right partner to build, maintain and evolve your business and marketing systems, while keeping your customer experience front-of-mind, is crucial to the success of your organisation.

Revium is an award winning, full-service digital agency with services spanning CX, data and digital with the expertise needed to give your business a competitive advantage in today’s digital world. Revium is the independent alternative to a tier one consulting firm.

With over 21 years’ experience and the passion and expertise of 40+ professionals, we deliver a holistic, consultative approach to digital transformation that helps you capitalise on data-driven insights, productivity gains and personalised digital experiences.

As one of the few Australian digital agencies that is technology agnostic and does not rely on ‘offshoring’, we provide our clients a level of quality and objectivity that is rare in our industry.

Our clients benefit from mature services which span five core areas of expertise:

  • Digital Transformation Consulting: From auditing current processes and technologies to designing future state systems, we guide you through a process which fundamentally changes how your business operates and delivers value to its customers. 
  • Customer Experience: Placing your customer at the heart of a digital solution ensures your brand delivers a superior experience and creates true competitive advantage. 
  • Digital Development: Meet your customer and business needs first by using appropriate technologies. Being platform agnostic, we can deliver solutions in the most suitable platform while maintaining privacy and security. 
  • Digital Marketing: Data-driven campaign insights that improve your bottom line. From SEO and social media, to content marketing and automation - our data-driven strategies generate insights you can action.
  • Data, Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI): Derive deep insights from your data. Our team offers deep dive data analysis, data storage/lake set-up, data interface and integration, and ML algorithms for predictive modelling and AI chatbots.

Combined, our expertise solves complex business challenges across ecosystems, digital marketing, and product design for clients seeking robust digital solutions and customer experiences that engage.

Our Ownership Structure

Revium is Australian-owned and operated, with two Partners and several senior staff who hold equity in and lead the business day to day. A further minority equity stake was taken in 2019 by William Buck, a 125-year accounting and business advisory firm. This investment adds a layer of risk management, governance and stability to all our clients and projects.

We believe this investment by William Buck is testament to the successful formula the team has taken delivering our clients with class leading digital transformation services, in a highly competitive and complex environment.

This investment reinforces Revium’s standing as a credible, independent alternative to the tier one consulting firms in the marketplace.

Unlike our competitors, our intention is to remain independent, owned by the partners and staff of the firm who have skin in the game. With this structure, our success is your success and it ensures we will always do what is the best interest of our clients.

About Revium

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