Google Adwords Campaign for Sumo Power


As a new contender in the retail energy market in Victoria, Sumo Power were looking to drive traffic to their newly launched website. Revium was engaged by Sumo Power to create a Google AdWords campaign to help acquire new customers in Melbourne.

Goals and Challenges

Being a ‘start up’ in a highly competitive industry presented some challenges for Sumo Power when using Google AdWords. These were:

  • A high number of advertisers vying for the top positions in AdWords

  • A high Cost-Per-Click (CPC) to bid on keywords with high purchase intent

  • Ensuring that text ads cut through “the noise” of the competition

  • Setting the right media spend for a start ups budget

Sumo Power also set one very specific goal for their digital marketing investment. That was to achieve a certain Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). Having set this goal was beneficial in helping Revium implement the right Google AdWords campaign as it shaped the daily budget, the keywords to focus on and their mobile strategy.


Revium followed the below process to set up and manage the campaign for Sumo:

  • Create a draft of the campaign

    • Keyword and ad groups set up

    • Daily budget recommendations

    • Optimisation towards mobile traffic

  • Implement the campaign in Google AdWords

  • Set the campaign live

  • Track performance daily for the first week in case of anomalies

  • Monthly reporting


The AdWords campaign for Sumo Power was a success, with Revium able to help Sumo Power reach their CPA goals.