Sumo Power connects to something bigger

Sumo Power is a new energy provider in Victoria. Sumo Power markets themselves via online comparator websites, digital marketing, offline sales channels and Sumo Power’s own custom built sales and marketing website.

Goals and Challenges

Revium was tasked with specifying, developing and implementing the website, online transaction portal and digital lead generation channels for Sumo Power.  The creation of the website covered many aspects, such as:

  • A modern, user-friendly and responsive website design

  • Easy to use web content management system

  • Online quoting and contracting applications

  • Electricity bill comparison tool

  • Integration with backend systems and customer portal

  • Implement on-page digital marketing to increase sales

  • Ability to track and report on visitor interaction on the website via the CMS

The focus of the website is to sign people up for electricity plans.


Revium captured the commercial and marketing strategy, the visual design and functional requirements from Sumo Power’s stakeholders.  Using user-centred design techniques, personas and user journeys, Revium documented the process of build, implementation and deployment of the website.  This also helped formulate the site’s Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS) requirements, including personalisation, lead scoring and marketing automation.  Kentico EMS was used to implement the website as it allows for greater flexibility of on-going changes and enhancements.  The main site features are:

  • A custom-coded electricity quoting application based on postcode and power usage

  • Advanced content management capabilities

  • On-page and real-time marketing

    • Personalisation, presenting information based on postcode location of the website visitor

    • Lead Scoring, awards points to customers based on activity and attributes

  • Automated lead notification to present sales ready leads to Sumo Power sales staff

  • Multi-step energy sign up form (the quickest and easiest in the Australian market)

  • Enhanced integration for sales

  • The ability to handle high levels of traffic

  • A fully responsive website that flows seamlessly between multiple devices from desktops to mobile phones

  • Customised reporting directly from the CMS platform


Since implementing personalisation and marketing automation, available via the Kentico EMS, Sumo Power, via their Google Analytics reporting, has seen a 77% increase in the Average visit duration, 27% increase in the number of unique visitors, and a 42% decrease in the Bounce rate.

Sumo Power chose Kentico EMS due to ‘out-of-the-box’ features that suited Sumo Power’s requirements. They were:

  • Personalization, Lead Scoring, and Marketing Automation capabilities

  • Search Engine Optimisation module that complies with SEO best practices

  • Outstanding site performance

  • Comprehensive feature set

  • Responsive design capabilities

  • Excellent team development environment