Adaptive design provides improved SEO rankings for Lorraine Lea

Lorraine Lea are a hosted-party retailer that hold over 40,000 parties in Australia, and sell a range of homewares from bedding to kitchen wear to over 300,000 customers. Lorraine Lea have been using Kentico as their CMS for years, but until recently only had a desktop version of their ecommerce website. On April 21, 2015, Google released a new mobile friendly algorithm that favoured mobile friendly websites in mobile search results. Although mobile traffic to the Lorraine Lea website was increasing, the content was not being appropriately displayed, with poor user experience. Lorraine Lea asked Revium to fix this problem.

Adapting to Change

The effects of new Google algorithm meant that Lorraine Lea needed to do something quickly to maintain their mobile traffic. Together, Revium helped Lorraine Lea identify the two best solutions moving forward, implementing Responsive or Adaptive design. Responsive and Adaptive design are often confused as being a different name for the same solution, but there is one key point of difference between the two. Responsive design responds to any browser size, while Adaptive design only adapts only to certain predefined sizes. There are benefits of using both solutions, however Revium and Lorraine Lea decided that Adaptive design would best suit their needs.


Revium implemented Adaptive Design for mobile users. As mobile traffic brings in the largest portion of users for Lorraine Lea, it was important to ensure that mobile users would receive the same great user experience as desktop users. Since implementing adaptive design for mobile users Lorraine Lea has seen a near 30% increase in mobile sessions year on year, as well as an increase of more than 10% in organic mobile search traffic.