Improved performance for Law Institute Victoria website

Law Institute Victoria (LIV) are the leaders of the legal profession in Victoria. No longer satisfied with the level of engagement from their website, LIV worked with Revium to improve the sites overall performance and usability.

The LIV website needed to be vastly improved, members were experiencing difficulties in finding specific content, long page load speeds and poor performance on critical pages. There was also issues with the responsive design with certain pages.

Goals and Challenges

Instead of building a brand-new website, LIV and Revium worked to update what they already had, as there were no foundational issues with the Kentico 7 CMS.

The LIV website was reskinned with all responsive design issues rectified. Revium also improved the issues with the page load speed by cleaning up code and utilising the Page Virtualisation feature in Kentico which helped significantly improve page load speed.

Feedback from members highlighted how important it was to be able to find relevant information on the website quickly and easily. Based on this feedback, Revium redeveloped the way users were able to search and filter through News and Activities to ensure that they could find the right information as soon as possible.

Keeping with this theme, Revium also redesigned the LIV homepage to highlight the most popular key areas that visitors were accessing the most.

The Solution

Revium developed ecommerce functionality for LIV using native Kentico capability with elements of custom development over the top to meet the requirements of the LIV Bookshop. This was pivotal for LIV as the Bookshop is one of the most important revenue generating areas of the Institute

Revium has continued to support and improve the LIV website by adding functionality and improving the user experience, whilst still working with the original CMS. This includes improvements to the CPD Activity page that gives users the ability to subscribe to activities. This feature cross checks if the users is logged into the site, and if so does not ask them for any further details. It also will alert users if they have already previously subscribed to that activity.


Since Revium took over support of the website, LIV has seen great improvements in their website traffic and performance.