Project Background

Southern Cross Care Victoria (SCCV) is a not-for-profit organisation that provides in-home and residential aged care services across Victoria. Revium was engaged to create a Client portal for customers of their community aged care service utilising Kentico CMS.

Goals and Challenges

The aim for the SCCV client portal was to enable easy to use access to the essential Community Aged Care functions, via API integration of Procura, the SCCV’s CRM system.  SCCV wanted to test the merits of the Customer portal with a small cohort of customers   the purpose was to enable greater self sufficiency for their customers.  The portal success would be dependent on the ease of use and the customer’s feedback.  


As user experience and screen design was a top priority for SCCV, Revium ensured that the design used for the Portal was specially tailored to its intended audience.  The design provided a clear and easy to use interface for users, across all browsers and devices, while keeping with the same look and feel as the SCCV public website.

Kentico was chosen as the best platform for SCCV to allow the Portal to integrate seamlessly with the existing SCCV Public Kentico website. Through integration of Procura, the portal allowed clients to log in and to view their details, billing history, request changes to appointments and send updates to SCCV staff.


The system was piloted with an initial small set of customers to gain feedback.  SCCV considered the pilot to be a success and recommended that the systems should be extended. 

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