Showcasing Axieo's products and innovation

Axieo connects customers with global products, ideas, and innovation through its Specialties and Masterbatch businesses.  Revium was requested to develop Axieo’s website.

Axieo Specialties enjoys exclusive partnerships with Principals and trading partners around the world.  They combine their Principals’ R&D with their internal application capability to provide innovative solutions for customers through best in class food ingredients and raw materials for markets like pharmaceuticals, coatings, plastics, personal care and agriculture. 

Axieo Masterbatch is one of the Asia Pacific’s leading Masterbatch producers, supplying colourants and functional additives to change the characteristics of plastics, ensuring everyday products are food safe, UV resistant or fire retardant.  Axieo Masterbatch is a key input in a broad range of products from food packaging and plastic bottles to synthetic grass, stadium seating and water tanks, and even high performance pipes for the coal seam gas industry. 

Goals and Challenges

The main goals and challenges of this project were: 

  • To create a website with an attractive look and feel that was responsive to the major device widths (desktop, tablet and smart phones)

  • Build on a platform that can be maintained by the business units (without the need for IT/vendor assistance for most tasks)

  • Use the site as a major lead generator for each of the respective business units

  • Allow products to be uploaded and maintained on the website


Developing with Kentico 7 was chosen as the best CMS solution for Axieo. Built with structured authoring and publishing capability user levels, it features a fully responsive design, ensuring that it flows beautifully between devices.


Since the launch of the Responsive Design component, Axieo have received the following results: 

  • 43.60% increase in mobile sessions 

  • 98% increase in tablet sessions 

Key criteria for selecting Kentico

The completed Kentico website solution provided Axieo with:

  • Ability for site visitors to view thousands of products on a range of internet devices

  • Advanced content management capabilities to maximise the ‘search-ability’ of their content within all search engines.

  • Ability to maintain the website without any external assistance

  • The ability to handle high levels of traffic

  • Capacity to makes changes to a staging server for testing and approval prior to pushing changes to the live production website

  • Fast Australian based hosting with relevant redundancy and performance