ANZ College of Anaesthetists puts fellows in charge of their professional development

Continuing Professional Development for Anaesthetists

The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) manages a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program on behalf of the Fellows of the college. Revium developed a system that delivered increased capability for Fellows to view and manage their CPD points and obligations through an online portal.

Goals and Challenges

  • Provide simplicity when dealing with a Fellows professional development recording and reporting essentials, including:

    • Time recording

    • Managing CPD Points

    • Logging of activity in line with the ANZCA CPD Framework

  • Accessible by ANZCA members worldwide

  • Usable in offline and online environments

  • Accessible via a wide range of devices


Revium built a fit-for-purpose online application for ANZCA.

Critical to the success of the user engagement was Revium use of user-centred design and User Experience planning and prototyping. A fully responsive HTML prototype was built to reflect the main functions of the solution, in order to garner feedback and engage the project champions amongst the end users.

Revium captured the requirements from the various stakeholders, prepared a detailed specification and technical design. The application was built using Microsoft .NET Membership Framework and .NET MVC. HTML 5 features were used to enable the provision of a global web-based solution with capabilities to perform in any environment, including offline. The application was built as a responsive design and appropriate for any device and recent browser version.


The completed website application provided ANZCA with:

  • A full functioning CPD system that matching the CPD framework for the college, e.g. planning, recording of activities and evaluation

  • Dashboard customised to area of practice of fellow

  • Ability to download Statements of Participation and Certificates of Compliance

  • System functions to automatically roll over participants into a new CPD period on successful completion of the current CPD period

  • Administrative functions to manage audits, grace periods and manual rollover

  • A website conforming to ANZCA standards, operating on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones

  • Attractive up-to-date website design with responsive design incorporated to ensure a single interface regardless of the device used.

  • Seamless integration with the ANZCA membership system (iMIS).