Mandala Foundation supports aid workers with Psychosocial Risk Management Tool

Client overview

The Mandala Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation based in Carlton, Melbourne. The organisation provides psychosocial support to aid agencies and aid workers in the Australia Asia Pacific region. The primary interest is to encourage the prevention, mitigation and treatment of stress in humanitarian aid and development staff.

The Mandala Foundation team consists of psychologists and psychosocial specialists interested in strengthening humanitarian action through the psychosocial support of staff, projects & management systems.

The Foundation had conceptually developed and piloted an online Occupational Health and Safety Psychosocial Risk Management Tool. They were seeking technological stabilisation and solutions to expand the functionality of their Tool.

What we've done for them

Mandala Foundation Psychosocial Risk Management Tool

Revium offered the Mandala Foundation a solution that would lead to the implementation of a contemporary, innovative Psychosocial Risk Management Tool to assist field workers in remote locations.

Based on an extensive analysis process Revium implemented the following features as part of the development of the existing tool:

  • Development of the core functions using ASP.NET MVC, C# and MS SQL 2005. Additionally, the application uses the ASP.NET Membership framework for authorised user access.

  • Language support for 6 languages including Arabic and Mandarin

  • Implementing an eCommerce system featuring a PayPal shopping cart to sell related materials and services and receiving payments online

  • Drag and Drop Risk Maps to allow individuals and managers to prioritise elements of risk

  • Ability to analyse and compare perceptions between managers and individuals

  • A variety of account privileges for administrators, managers and individuals

  • Online Registration and Application Approval

  • Account profiles featuring login and password recovery

  • Options to view and export historic data for user profiles and assessments for research purposes

In addition, Revium updated the Mandala Foundation hosting to a secure, professionally managed environment and continue to offer ongoing IT support.