A CX Led Digital Transformation

 The Challenge

Central Highlands Water (CHW) is an urban water utility company responsible for providing water and sewerage in the Central Highlands region of Victoria to over 149,000 local residents. In 2019 CHW embarked upon an organisation-wide digital transformation to drive greater customer experience through improved connectivity within the community.

The Solution 

Revium was engaged by CHW to undertake a Human Centred Design program of work to underpin the Digital Transformation of CHW, beginning with the design and redevelopment of the website. The Revium CX team set about understanding the broad relationship that CHW has with its community and the role of the website and varied service channels in delivering to the organisations brand promise to its community.

A holistic undertaking of qualitative and quantitative research including contextual enquiries, community surveys and focus groups, was carried out with a broad range of paying customers, water users, local businesses, and other community organisations across the Central Highlands region.


The Outcome 

The research phase concluded with the delivery of a research insights report, community persona artefacts and a customer Journey Map to CHW. The research insights identified how Central Highlands Water could most effectively and efficiently communicate their role and value to the community.  

Responding to the research insights, the Revium CX and UX team delivered a validated concept website solution. The website concept responds to the complex needs of a diverse audience, facilitating key user tasks and the delivery of a wide array of content and communications.

Phase one of the CHW website was developed by Revium and launched in December 2019 and the research insights continue to inform the digital transformation roadmap