Trainees supported in their journey to becoming a Fellow of ANZ College of Anaesthetists

Trainee Management at Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists


The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) is the professional organisation for around 5000 specialist anaesthetists (Fellows) and 2000 anaesthetists in training (trainees). ANZCA needed a solution to assist their Trainees to record and manage their training obligations along their journey to becoming a Fellow of the College.

Goals and Challenges

ANZCA required a trainee portfolio system (TPS) to fulfil the following objectives:

  • To provide simplicity when dealing with complex training recording and reporting essentials, such as

    • Time recording, including warnings when the trainee is approaching category-based limits

    • Logging and supervision of procedures performed

  • Assessments and reviews of trainee progress, with 360 degree feedback and reviews at a variety of different levels (time-based, unit-based, training level based)

  • Connectivity with existing ANZCA systems and provision of display of concatenated data from across the range of existing systems

  • To be used by ANZCA trainees worldwide

  • To be used in an offline and online environments

  • Accessible via a wide range of devices belonging to trainees and fellows of the college.


Revium implemented a fit-for-purpose online training application for ANZCA. First Revium captured the requirements from the various stakeholders, prepared a detailed specification and design. The application was then developed using Microsoft .NET Membership Framework and .NET MVC. Additionally we used HTML 5 features to enable the provision of a global web-based solution with capabilities to perform in any environment, including offline.


The completed website solution provided ANZCA with:

  • Time-oriented reporting according to a range of curriculum-driven rules

  • A website conforming to ANZCA standards, operating on desktops, laptops and tablets

  • Attractive up-to-date website design

  • Enhanced integration with membership database (iMIS)

  • The ability to handle high levels of traffic

  • The ability to record procedures without internet connectivity