At Revium, we understand that there are certain activities in our business that have an impact on our planet, and that it is our responsibility to minimise and neutralise this impact.  

In order to meet our commitment to minimise our effect on the environment, we focus on three core principles:  

  • Calculate carbon – calculating how much carbon our activities contribute to the environment  
  • Reduce & avoid carbon – we seek technologies, actions and activities that reduce and/or avoid contributing to our carbon footprint 
  • Offset carbon – where unavoidable, we contribute to activities and technologies that offset our carbon emissions.  

Calculating Carbon

We use a certified third-party service that is a signatory to the Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct to calculate our carbon emissions. The process involves reviewing our carbon use each end of financial year considering emissions from a range of activities including; 

  • Vehicles 
  • Electricity & Gas 
  • Waste 
  • Water 
  • Paper 
  • Food & Drink 
  • Air Travel 
  • Public Transport 
  • Events 


Limiting Our Carbon Footprint 

The team at  Revium have taken a number of positive steps to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint, including; 

  • Monitoring energy usage and seeking to minimise it wherever possible 
  • Reducing waste outputs in our office 
  • Putting in place new tools and technologies that minimise energy consumption 
  • Using blinds to manage temperature in sun-exposed office spaces 
  • Using air-conditioning and heating only when certain temperatures are met using automated systems 
  • Ensuring all non-essential computer hardware is turned off 
  • Moving to cloud based servers that are more efficient 
  • Moving to become a paperless office 
  • Educating our staff, clients and suppliers on ways to reduce energy and waste. 


Off-Setting Unavoidable Carbon Usage 

As it is almost impossible to avoid carbon emissions entirely, these are balanced by purchasing carbon offsets so that we can achieve carbon neutrality.  

We purchase our carbon offsets through Ecologi which only supports projects that adhere to certified Gold Standards. Through this partnership we are able to fund global climate crisis solutions and plant our very own Revium forest – you can take a look at the positive impact we have made so far via our climate profile here.  

Through purchasing carbon offsets, we are able contribute to various reforestation and environmental projects around the world including: 

  • Planting trees on our company’s behalf 
  • Protecting the rainforest 
  • Wind energy generation 
  • Clean energy through hydro power 
  • Solar power initiatives 

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