Carbon Neutral Statement FY23

Revium continues to be a carbon neutral business.

Each year, we calculate our unavoidable emissions and offset them by contributing to environmental projects across the globe.

Every individual and every business creates a carbon footprint through everyday activities. At Revium, we do our best to minimise our carbon footprint through strategies such as office temperature management, limiting paper use and educating our staff on ways to reduce energy and waste. As it is impossible to avoid all carbon emissions, we purchase carbon offsets to reduce our climate impact to net-zero.

Calculating Our Carbon Use for FY23

Before we purchase our carbon offsets we need to calculate how much carbon we use. We do this at the end of each financial year and in the interests of transparency we publish the information here on our website.  

After the COVID-19 pandemic, our staff returned to the office as part of our hybrid policy. This, along with more travel to work face to face with clients, has resulted in a slight increase in our carbon usage which led to us purchasing additional offsets this financial year.


Purchasing Carbon Offsets 

To ensure we have allowed for any oversights or margin for errors in our calculations, for the FY23 year, we purchased 44 tonnes of carbon offsets.

We purchase our carbon offsets via Ecologi which supports a range of carbon reduction projects that are Gold Standard certified. Recently, we have contributed to climate projects such as generating clean electricity hydropower in India and a wind power project in Mexico. To date, we have also funded the planting of over 1,600 trees with our very own Revium forest.

We monitor our monthly impact through our Ecologi company profile which you can view here

Some businesses use an alternative carbon method which involves purchasing a carbon certification by a third party provider. If you are curious why Revium has opted out of this approach, you can read our Commitment to Carbon Neutrality on our website.

Our team at Revium are committed to doing what we can to minimise our impact on the environment, and look forward to maintaining our carbon neutral status for years to come.