Carbon Neutral Statement FY2021

At Revium, we are committed to reducing the impact our business has on our planet and as such we are proudly a carbon-neutral company.

By reducing our carbon footprint and offsetting unavoidable carbon use, through funding reforestation and environmental projects around the world, we have reduced our climate impact as a business to net-zero.

Every individual and every business creates a carbon footprint through everyday activities such as using electricity, travelling and attending events. Whilst we do our best to minimise our carbon footprint through carbon reduction strategies, it is impossible to avoid carbon emissions entirely and so we balance out our essential carbon use by purchasing carbon offsets.  

Calculating Our Carbon Use

Before we purchase our carbon offsets we need to calculate how much carbon we use. We do this at the end of each financial year and in the interests of transparency we publish the information here on our website for all to see.  

Obviously, the past year has been a very different one with the silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic being a huge reduction in the amount of human generated carbon being generated and released into the environment. We have seen a drastic reduction in our outputs due to the various lockdowns and the restrictions on travel as evidenced through our FY21 carbon outputs listed below. 


Purchasing Carbon Offsets 

To ensure we have allowed for any oversights or margin for errors in our calculations, for the FY21 year, we purchased 40 tonnes of carbon offsets as and additionally funded the planting of 1000 trees.  

We purchase our carbon offsets via Ecologi which supports a range of carbon reduction projects that are Gold Standard certified such as rainforest preservation, wind energy generation, clean energy through hydro power and solar power initiatives. We also fund tree planting with our very own Revium forest.

We monitor our monthly impact through our Ecologi company profile which you can view here

Our team at Revium has a collective desire to do what we can do minimise our impact on the environment, and leave behind a healthy, thriving planet for future generations.

For more details you can view our Commitment to Carbon Neutrality on our website.