Display & Video Advertising

Get your brand in front of interested audiences with highly personalised & targeted campaigns. 

Drive brand awareness and reach more customers in-market for your products and services with targeted display and video advertising.

At Revium, our digital marketing consultants can move prospects further down the sales funnel through expertly managed and well-integrated campaigns. Using sophisticated re-targeting techniques to remarket to prospects who have viewed your ads, we prompt them to re-engage and become loyal customers.

Display Advertising

Display advertising uses text, image or video banners to target specific audiences based on their interests, life events and buying intent with ads that appear next to online content they engage with.

Revium will display your brand’s ads on websites that are of interest to your target audience, ensuring your marketing budget is spent targeting users who are interested and in-market for what you have to offer.

Video Advertising

Video advertising is a form of digital media in which advertisers target specific audiences based on their interests, behavior, life events and buying intent across websites and platforms such as YouTube. Develop brand awareness with your audience by delivering highly personalised messages that align with their viewing interests.

Like with all media channels, taking an integrated approach in combination with a content plan mapped to your unique customer journey increases the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy, and in turn generates greater ROI for your business.

We can help your brand:

  • Drive awareness of your products and services to new prospects.

  • Encourage people to return to your site if they have not yet converted.

  • Encourage existing customers to repeat purchases and drive brand loyalty.

Display marketing campaigns are just one facet of a well-executed digital marketing strategy. Integrating with the overarching strategy ensures your target audience sees your brand time and again, encouraging conversion through multiple channels. Revium will integrate your display campaign with your other marketing activities, enabling you to extend the reach of your brand recognition to a wider audience who will go on to convert at various touchpoints.

An Innovative Display & Video Ad Agency

The team at Revium comprises skilled practitioners with experience in both strategy and executional best practice when it comes to planning, managing, optimising and measuring the performance of display and video campaigns.

With combined experience across multiple verticals and investment levels, we have a proven ability to get the most out of your marketing spend. We take a fluid approach to investment planning and strategically allocate media budget to the best performing tactic and channel.

Our Approach

Our approach to campaigns is data-led, with a strong focus on ROI for our clients using our proven methodology:

  • Strategy – Develop an overarching strategy based on your goals and budget levels.

  • Planning – Set up tracking and define target audiences and platforms to run the campaign.

  • Campaign set up – Construct the campaign in line with the overarching strategy.

  • Optimisation – Continuously monitor the campaigns and tweak ad creative where necessary to determine optimal content for audience engagement.

  • Measurement and reporting – Transparent insights into what has happened, and what will happen next to ensure ongoing results.

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