Campos Coffee and a Record-Breaking eCommerce Strategy

The Client

Campos Coffee believe everyone should experience the power of a great cup of coffee. Their belief is that a great cup can transform a moment, a day, spark a relationship or connect a community in a moment. Specialists in sourcing the very best beans from locations across the globe from some of the world’s most prominent coffee regions, they also supply a range of home brewing equipment information on how to achieve the perfect brew in your own kitchen.

From humble beginnings in Sydney, Campos has grown into an iconic award-winning Australian coffee brand with a thriving online store. With a contingent of café partners based across Australia, and their Superior Blend of beans now widely available to all on shelves at Woolworths supermarkets.

The Background

In April 2020, Campos engaged Revium to assist with a range of digital marketing activities spanning paid and organic social media management, paid search, display, video, native advertising, SEO, content marketing, and email marketing. Prior to this, their digital marketing activities were completed inhouse and supported by another third-party vendor.

At this time, the world was beginning to unravel from the initial COVID-19 outbreak and every Australian state was beginning to impose various stages of restriction on people and movement. It was then that Campos identified they needed to harness the power of their online channels to unlock new revenue potential and drive even more people to their online store, especially given most of their café network was starting to be impacted. To do this, they identified the need to engage an experienced digital strategist to help devise a proactive online sales strategy and help a team of digital specialists with whom to activate it.

The Opportunity

Despite rolling lockdowns and restrictions posing significant challenges for people on a human level, particularly those within the small business world, the silver lining for certain industries was that it was the catalyst for moving even more people online. Be that by adopting teleconference platforms to connect with loved ones, delivering a curriculum to children being kept out of classrooms, or buying your favourite products from various online stores.

Campos was fortunate to already have an online store solution in market, all it needed was some minor enhancements and a robust digital marketing strategy to drive both new and returning consumers to it.

The Strategy

To deliver an awareness and amplification strategy that drove online engagement and website traffic across their current consumer segments, whilst also working to acquire new consumers and re-engage those who may have lapsed. To do this, Revium’s digital marketing team utilised all of Campos’ owned communications channels in an effort to get in front of as many eyes as possible, which would in turn would provide conversion opportunity and ROI.

Email became Campos’s most effective sales channel generating substantial online revenue at minimal cost. Our team therefore focused on implementing a range of lead generation activities to continuously grow and refresh their eNewsletter database.

Social lead generation forms were used to gather email addresses for anyone wanting to be the first to hear about any of Campos’ upcoming sales (i.e. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day etc). Revium also utilised Campos’s first-party data to analyse, identify, and segment consumers who were likely to be interested in hearing about certain materials based on their past purchasing and/or engagement behavior.

To create a sense of anticipation and excitement, significant and topical sale campaigns were often teased and pre-promoted in market in the lead-up to the sale launch date. This was done by not specifying details about what the sale event was going to offer (i.e. discount, gift with purchase, free shipping). Activities included things such as:

  • General digital awareness ads were run across multiple digital channels to build interest and intrigue.

  • Remarketing lists were configured so audiences could be retargeted and nurtured.

  • Facebook events were created to gather RSVPs which could then be retargeted.

  • Pre-sale emails were sent to existing & lapsed customers with customised messages depending on the audience segment.

  • Countdown ads, such as those you can implement on paid search, were implemented to build a sense of urgency.

During the sale period, our team would then swap over things like creative and messaging to promote the sale using the more traditional amplification approach that many of us have been exposed to ourselves.

Following each sale, our team thoroughly analysed and assessed the various points of performance data available to determine areas of improvement for next sale events, but also other BAU campaign activities.

The Result

By utilising several paid and organic channels to their full potential, in a hyper-targeted and strategic manner throughout the year under an always-on brand approach, Campos was able to substantially increase their direct online sales and compete for audience attention during times of high demand and market noise (i.e. Black Friday). Not only did the strategy deliver Campos’ aggressive annual targets, we helped them exceeded their previous sales records by extraordinary amounts.

  • Campos’ Black Friday campaign in 2020 beat their previous record for the highest revenue generated a single day by 150%.

  • An Easter Long Weekend campaign was activated across March & April 2021 which surpassed their previous social channel revenue record by generating 88% of their social revenue for the month.

  • Re-adopting a similar Back Friday campaign approach but pivoting our targeting approach slightly, Campos’ mid-year sale event in 2021 generated 78% more revenue than their Black Friday sale. This beat their daily revenue record again by a further 15%.

  • When reviewing their year-on-year performance, our team was able to increase Campos’ online transactions by 28%, which in turn delivered a 30% revenue increase We also achieved an eCommerce conversion rate increase of 17.27%, and also increased their average basket size by 1.54%.

Key takeaways:

  • Ensure your owned and organic channels are utilised to their full potential to maximise your opportunity and ROI, rather than relying on paid channels alone.

  • Harness the power of your first-party data such as frequently engaging with you opted-in customers, trying to re-engage lapsed customer, creating lookalike audiences and remarketing lists for paid channels.

  • Trial new digital channels, tactics, targeting, and ad format approaches in addition to the standard tried and true inclusions. Opportunity lies on the other side of the normal for those willing to test it.

  • Ensure your strategy is evaluated after each promotion or campaign so you can continually improve results and ROI by pivoting your approach based on actual performance insights and rewards.

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