APN Outdoor Data Consulting

APN Outdoor is a publicly listed outdoor advertising business with a footprint that spans across both Australia & New Zealand.


With the growth in the availability of data in the wider marketing landscape, APN decided to perform a wide reaching review of how it used data across its business.


Revium was engaged to lead the project which involved both an internal project team and a number of third party vendors and platforms. The project used a three phase approach - an initial audit, the exploration of potential opportunities and the delivery of a final report with recommendations.

The initial audit involved a comprehensive review of both the data that APN gathered, and the data that it had access to. This work identified opportunities to combine disparate data sources to gain more complete pictures of campaign performance and overall asset exposure, as well as highlighting opportunities to utilise additional data from sources that were not being taken advantage of.

During the second phase of the project the team looked at;

  • Cutting edge methods to collect data from APN’s physical assets

  • How that data could then be enriched to gain valuable insights around the audiences that were being reached

  • How supplementary secondary advertising could be presented to those audiences.

Trial programs were run to explore these opportunities further and to confirm their feasibility and isolate the potential ROI they could deliver to APN.

At the end of the project a final report was issued with recommendations and a roadmap for APN on how to pursue the opportunities identified through the project including advice on the resourcing required to manage the proposed program of works internally.


APN Outdoor is now well positioned to continue to be seen as an innovative world leader in Outdoor Advertising by taking advantage of the identified opportunities to implement sophisticated, cutting edge data technologies in their business.