Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) allow us to provide services to our clients that were previously unimaginable. Businesses can apply these technologies to improve business processes through automation, data analysis and customer experiences. 

Leveraging the power of these systems and implementing them in your business doesn’t need to be complicated. Revium’s experienced team can advise on the best ways to use this technology to overcome challenges faced by your customers and staff. By delivering custom solutions we can help you harness AI and ML to meet your business objectives and deliver strong ROI.


What is AI & ML?

Often AI and ML are used as interchangeable terms, but they are different concepts.

  • Artificial Intelligence: The use of computers to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.
  • Machine Learning: A sub-set of AI where systems using ML can automatically learn and improve upon themselves without being explicitly told what to do.

How Can AI & ML Assist My Business

AI and ML powered systems are fast becoming table stakes in many industries, so in order to survive and thrive businesses need to utilise cutting edge technology to overcome competitors. 

AI and ML are used to overcome many challenges in the modern workplace and have applications across industries to help improve customer experience, fraud detection, automate business processes and provide predictive data analysis.

  • Chatbots can be developed to communicate with customers and help them with basic questions that do not require human involvement.
  • Sales forecasting predicts business performance through the analysis of historical data and trends.
  • Recommendation engines can be used across your website and other digital marketing channels to recommend content or products to users based on historical purchasing behavior and on other customers who share similar attributes.

How We Can Help

Revium’s experienced and dedicated team focus on building and maintaining AI/ML technologies and models, and then integrate them into wider business processes. We understand the ever-changing nature of technology, so we manage our projects in a way that enables us to pivot in response to insights and learnings quickly. This ensures the product we deliver is fit for purpose and bespoke to your business needs.

Our process for AI/ML projects includes:


  • Strategy – We get to know your business to truly understand your challenge and how this technology can assist with meeting your business objectives. 
  • Data Comprehension – We delve into your data to understand the data dictionary and data structure being used.  
  • Planning – We develop the concept and share with you the development roadmap and lifecycle.
  • Deployment – We start small and pilot a specific segment that we want to test to ensure the technology is working correctly and to manage risk. 
  • Insight Development – The project is rolled out to a wider customer and data set once we are confident with the test model. 
  • Training & Adjustments – Harnessing insights delivered by the AI, we tweak the model and train the algorithm to perform at a higher confidence level.


Get in touch with Revium’s experienced team to discuss how AI and ML can be harnessed to address your businesses challenges.

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