AIAS & AI Consulting

Providing guidance, expertise and technical services to deliver practical and commercially beneficial AI based solutions.

AI has very much arrived and Revium is leaning in to the opportunities it is presenting to both our clients and our own businesses alike.

We offer a mixture of AI As a Service (AIAS) as well as AI consulting - meaning we can help you on your AI journey from end to end. Our unique capability enables us to ;

  • Understand what opportunities there are to leverage AI in your business

  • Evaluate what benefits they will deliver - including documenting business cases

  • Architect and document the specifics of the AI based solutions

  • Build and provision the final solutions

  • Provide change management support and ongoing enhancement and maintenance

We can help your business start to realise genuine value out of practical, and safe, implementations of AI immediately using a measured and incremental approach. Utilising AI in business is no longer bleeding edge, it has quickly moved to leading edge and those who embrace it earlier will see exponential benefit in the medium term over their competitors who do not.

“Artificial intelligence will have a more profound impact on humanity than fire, electricity and the internet.”

Sundar Pichai - CEO of Alphabet (AKA Google) -

Our AI Services

Education, Inspiration & Ideation

Interested in the growing impact of generative AI? Our practical tailored educational sessions cater to executives and operational teams keen to understand the real state of play - not the seemingly unending hype. We can also run workshops with you and your team to explore potential use cases and guide you through understanding what is possible now, what might be possible soon and how it can impact your business.

AI Workflow Design & Strategy

We conduct exploratory workshops to identify the most impactful use-cases specific to your team or organisation. Collaborating closely, we gain a deep understanding of your unique challenges, goals, and processes. Our strategic generative AI exploration framework covers all aspects, from unlocking new business value to ensuring requirements around ethics and compliance.

Experience Design, Prototyping & Development

Leveraging the breadth of knowledge and experience held by our team we can design experiences and solutions using AI to meet your unique business needs and challenges. We can then build out generative AI prototypes to test and fine tune concepts before moving into final development of end-to-end integrated AI capabilities that will transform your organisation.

Rapidly Deployable AI Chatbot

We also have some tools we have built that we can customise and leverage for your business - like our OpenAI powered rapidly deployable AI Chatbot. You can learn more on our AI Bot Page here.

And much, much more... We tailor our approach to each client so why not reach out today to chat to us about how we can help you understand the opportunities AI can offer.

AI is Just Like Electricity

“Just as electricity transformed every major industry a century ago, AI is now poised to do the same.” - Andrew Ng.

There is huge potential on offer with AI, but without the right approach there is a significant risk you will not only waste time, money and effort - but that you will also be left behind.

So why not give us a quick call and have a chat all things AI to see if we can help you navigate the biggest change to business in modern history.

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