A fit-for-purpose, web based Training Management System built by Revium improves training outcomes and reduces the workload for trainees, supervisors, directors of training and administrators.

What is a Training Management System?

Training Management Systems are used by medical colleges and medical associations to facilitate their training programs, such as postgraduate training towards fellowship or accreditation, assessment of overseas specialists and advanced certificates of training. These programs are often facilitated across multiple countries. A program typically requires several years of clinical supervised placements at accredited training sites combined with regular formative and summative assessments. Courses, examinations, scholarly projects and written cases often form part of the curriculum too. A Training Management System (TMS) allows training providers, directors of training and supervisors to manage these requirements in a centralised and efficient manner and to support their trainees in a user friendly way.

TMS Online

Traditionally, medical training has been managed via paper-based or partial automated systems. These systems are often inefficient and a cause for delays. Documents can easily be misplaced or lost and their content is often incomplete or incorrect as rules cannot be enforced. As a result, training administrators and trainees are exposed to compliance issues.

A web based, fit-for-purpose TMS system provides major benefits for trainees and the organisations managing and facilitating training:

  • Reduced work load for all parties involved
  • Easy access across multiple devices and browsers
  • All information stored in a central, secure repository with full audit trail
  • Capability to enforce business rules and data validation
  • Capability to enforce workflow for assessments
  • Real time overview of progress for each trainee
  • Capability to send reminders and notifications
  • Capability to extract management information for reporting purposes
  • Full integration with related systems, such as member administration
  • Improved training outcomes through structured and consistent process

TMS Functions

Training requirements vary with each organisation depending on their needs. There are a number of features that could be part of a fit-for-purpose training management system, including:

  • Secure access via authentication and authorisation
  • Fully responsive design allowing access with a broad range of devices and browsers
  • Offline processing to allow trainees to complete basic tasks such as recording procedures without internet connectivity. Data is temporarily stored in the browser and synchronised with the database when internet connectivity is restored.
  • Dashboards for all user types
  • Time Recording or Logbook
  • Training Objectives or Learning Needs Analysis
  • Workplace Based Assessments:
    • Case-based discussion
    • Observed Clinical Activity
    • Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise
    • Multi Source Feedback
    • Professional Presentation
  • Entrustable Professional Activities
  • In-Training Assessment
  • Cases and Procedures
  • Specialised Study Units
  • Courses and Events
  • Progression through stages of training
  • Base data management, such as enrolments, rotations and placements
  • Admin functions for application of recognition of prior learning (RPL), exceptions and remediation
  • Integration with:
    • Membership System, for example iMIS
    • Learning Managements System (LMS)
    • Exam Management System
    • Payment Gateway
  • Links to help-text or handbooks
  • Logging for audit purposes
  • Reporting

Our Experience

Revium has considerable domain knowledge in the area of Training Management and a wealth of experience building highly customised, fit-for-purpose Training Management Systems for multiple medical colleges and associations. Our core expertise is dealing with complex business and technical requirements and implementing system integrations that meet the needs of our clients. Revium offers all skills – user experience, visual design, specification, front-end and back-end development, testing and project management – to deliver successful projects.

To discover how Revium has successfully implemented Training Management Systems, read the following case studies:

  • Training Portfolio for the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists;
  • RTGE (Recognition of Training of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy) for the Conjoint Committee of the Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA), the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS).

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