Authorised iMIS Consultant

For member-based organisations seeking a CRM to optimise the member experience, iMIS is a worthy candidate. Revium has the expertise and vendor certification to support the integration of iMIS data with your website, CMS or other existing systems.

Who are Advanced Solutions International and what is iMIS?

Since 1991, the global independent software vendor Advanced Solutions International (ASI), has helped thousands of member-based organisations and not-for-profits better manage their member base through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

ASI’s flagship product is iMIS. In traditional terms, iMIS is considered a CRM system. However, the product has evolved in recent years to merge database management and web publishing into what ASI calls a single cloud-based ‘Engagement Management System (EMS)™”.  This software is targeted at member or donor based organisations. It facilitates the ability to connect with members, donors, and other stakeholders across any device to help deepen engagement, improve satisfaction, and increase retention.

iMIS also offers the RiSE Web Development Platform. With RiSE, organisations using iMIS can easily build and edit web and e-commerce pages that use data existing within the iMIS database. The staff and member interface is customisable, enabling organisations to extend the iMIS system and securely expose valuable member data to the web; resulting in self-service and two-way communication with members.

What is an iMIS consultant?

A certified iMIS consultant is an independently verified iMIS specialist. They offer integration, implementation and customer support for the iMIS product and solutions.

Authorised iMIS Consultant - AiC

Revium is one of only a handful of Melbourne based Authorised iMIS Consultants (AiC) certified to work with the iMIS product.  It is another of a diverse set of specialist integration services that Revium offers. Our AiC status means ASI has independently verified our ability via a selective recruitment process and comprehensive partnering methodology. This allows Revium to extend integration, implementation and customer support for the iMIS product and service iMIS solutions.

How we can help

Revium is an expert at extracting your valuable member data stored within iMIS and securely exposing it to other applications which are either inside or outside your existing technology environment.

To achieve this, it’s possible to employ a variety of methods. However, unlike the majority of agencies, being an AiC means Revium has an intimate understanding of the pros and cons of each methodology. This in turn enables us to provide you with a best-practice solution suited to your unique needs and iMIS implementation.

For us, the ultimate aim for a successful iMIS integration is to provide real-time, two-way communication of your member/customer data stored in iMIS with your other business systems. Under certain circumstances where this is not possible, we implement a batching process to ensure member data collected or changed in other applications is synchronised with iMIS. In effect, ensuring iMIS acts as a single source of truth for your member service and retention activities.

By using your member’s existing iMIS credentials, we can ensure any application is authenticated against the iMIS database. For you, this means releasing new software applications to improve your member’s experience is secure, safe and simple for the end user.

In addition to our AiC status, Revium is certified in the RiSE web platform; a complementary content management system to the iMIS CRM. We have the expertise to ensure your organisation harnesses the platform to full effect, so you can offer members the best digital and customer experience. Where there is a need to integrate with third party applications, iMIS offers an API. This means we can expose any aspect of your iMIS database to your advantage. Using the API we can add fields, logic and functions to iMIS without affecting the product upgrade path.

Give me some examples

Revium is the trusted partner of many existing iMIS customers, both government and member-based bodies. Some examples include:

We have worked with these specific organisations to build stand-alone two-way web applications that draw on iMIS as the single source of truth, and offer an integrated customer experience. New bespoke applications are securely accessed via their existing iMIS authentication credentials, and once accessed, data is shared between these new applications and iMIS.

In our experience working with the platform, we recommend using iMIS to do what it does best; that is drive better member engagement and enable easy management of memberships. For complex member needs and unique services, Revium offers a one-stop shop to develop further functionality and offer additional features.

Applications we have built that work seamlessly with iMIS include:

  • Certified Professional Development

  • Training Portfolio Systems

  • Training and Accreditation Systems

Talk to us

Our AiC team engage under a partner model with your team and key stakeholders, in the first instance to understand your current digital reality, explore your possibilities and help you articulate your digital vision.

Before committing to any scope of work we always ensure both parties have clarity on the business goals to be met, and conduct the necessary levels of planning and due diligence for your iMIS project to be delivered on time and on budget.

Contact us today or call (03) 9429 2000 to find out how Revium's AiC team can assist you.