A Headless CMS for Australian Social Fintech - HelpPay

HelpPay is a profit-for-purpose fintech that is on a mission to empower those who want to help others with a simple, transparent, and secure way to pay part or all of someone’s bill. Similarly, it also provides those who need help with a fuss-free way to get support.

With no monthly fees, real-time bill validation and sophisticated payment protection and refund processes in place, HelpPay is making waves in the social fintech space by making it easier for Australians to get assistance from friends and family to pay bills they simply cannot afford at the time.

The Challenge 

Following HelpPay's initial launch in 2021 there was a need for the HelpPay website to evolve from a placeholder type approach to a fully featured site, so that the website could become a key tool to drive brand awareness and growth. 

Ultimately HelpPay needed a flexible, cost-effective, user-friendly, intuitive CMS that would allow them to build out content and pages themselves and enable their Marketing teams to manage content in an agile way. StoryBlok offered them just that, and more.

The Solution  

In August 2022, Revium began evaluating appropriate CMS platforms that would accommodate HelpPay’s requirements.

After identifying StoryBlok as the ideal platform, Revium then scoped out the key components required to rebuild the HelpPay site on this headless CMS platform. Once these were identified, our development team jumped straight into the build using the existing UI designs as a foundation.

Revium’s Development team also built out the integrations with Segment CDP and Customer.io which handle all of HelpPay’s first party data handling and marketing automation workflows.

Given the nature of StoryBlok as a headless CMS, coupled with the flexibility that the platform offers, we completed the rebuild in just over a month. We were able to work efficiently on this build, where we initially focused on completing the content heavy elements first, such as blog pages and post templates, which allowed the HelpPay team to add in content to the site whilst Revium worked on refining the other components.

The new HelpPay site was launched in September 2022.

The Outcome 

The simple and intuitive StoryBlok User Interface has empowered the HelpPay Marketing team to constantly update the site and create new page layouts as they need them without having to engage Revium to perform any development works.

We chose Storyblok as our content management platform because it is user-friendly, flexible, and has the ability to seamlessly integrate with our website, mobile app, and social channels. It allows us to easily create and manage our digital content in a centralized location, saving us time and resources. Additionally, the support team is always available to answer any questions and provide assistance.