Automated messaging platform for intuitive communications

Revium is a certified Partner.

Craft flexible messaging workflows and creative marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience and remove doubt from every stage of the purchase journey. 

Revium is proud to partner with, supporting enterprises in transforming customer intent into conversions by using automated emails, in-app messaging, push notifications and SMS. Eliminate unnecessary noise and friction with instinctive messaging that is personalised to each individual’s unique journey.  

How Does it Work? will evolve your automated messaging approach.

  • A simple and intuitive rules-based workflow builder cuts through complexity that was once synonymous with building automated messaging campaigns, meaning your team can spend more time on strategy and less time on execution.

  • Consolidate your marketing tools and overhead costs with’s holistic platform, supporting every user touchpoint - from leads to lifecycle marketing.

  • Best-in-class technical support from both and Revium means you will always be in-the-know and given the best chance of success. has a strong track record in the following industries and sectors; Healthcare, Marketplaces, EdTech, SaaS, FinTech, Media & Internet of Things.

Key Features of

Creative Messaging Flows: Take control of your automated and campaign messaging platform with a rules-based visual workflow builder, simplifying complex automations at scale.

Trusted Transactional Messaging: Grow stronger relationships with logical and responsive trigger conditions, helping customers to access fast and reliable password resets, order receipts, and more. Retain brand consistency by using the same designs as your marketing messages.

Flexible Data Integrations: Collect data across all customer touchpoints and turn into actionable insights by using RESTful API. Achieve complete cross-platform integrations in just a few clicks, including with Segment Customer Data Platform.

Powerful Segmentation: Achieve accuracy at speed using a segmentation engine enriched by customer attribute and engagement data, all updated in real-time.

Multi-Device Messaging Strategy: Combine push notifications and in-app messaging with email and SMS to create marketing messages that your customers will enjoy across all devices.

Effective Experimentation: Iterate messaging flows and campaigns using A/B tests that are easily accessed through the dashboard. Go granular with campaign subject lines, message content and delivery times to surface the perfect messaging formula for your audience.

Ad Audience Sync: Eliminate time consuming CSV uploads and manual updates through leveraging the ad sync, compatible with Meta and Alphabet ecosystems.

Simple Lead Management: Add people by ID and/or email and update those identifiers later without the need of complex profile merging.

Revium is a Partner

Revium has a strong track record partnering with enterprise brands. We have team of specialists experienced in supporting Australian enterprises implement and embed new martech platforms into their organisational processes and culture. If you would like to discuss how can help your business grow, contact us today.