Revium is a certified Storyblok partner

Storyblok is a powerful and user friendly Headless CMS that features a class leading visual editor and a suite of other innovative features.

Revium is a Certified Storyblok Partner, with experience building sites on the platform across our Customer Experience, Business Analyst, Infrastructure and Development teams. Our team take a great deal of pride in supporting our clients to ensure that when they move to the Storyblok platform they are able to take full advantage of the impressive features of this award winning Headless CMS.

Unlike a traditional CMS, Storyblok is one of the new suite of headless CMS platforms on the market. This means that rather than creating content in the CMS that will solely be displayed on the website, both developers and content teams can create experiences that can be served across all digital channels. Storyblok’s API technology allows content to be created and edited in the once place, then quickly and seamlessly publish it on the website, apps, social media and other platforms at the click of a button.

You can learn more about this technology in our blog post: What is a Headless CMS?

Brands such as Adidas, Deliveroo, UPC, PayOne and around 75,000 other businesses have begun using Storyblok to efficiently develop, publish and edit all their online content, maintain digital assets, and boost digital performance. Storyblok’s long list of customers also includes Revium, with the website you are visiting right now having been built on the Storyblok platform.

Key Features of Storyblok

  • Visual Editor
    Edit your website as your browse the content in the backend and preview changes before they’ve been deployed with the Storyblok Visual Editor. Content teams can easily create, visualise and publish content without any coding by using the intuitive and self-explanatory interface.

  • Build with Blocks
    Build out pages with freedom using stackable components instead of being limited by restrictive fixed page templates. Developers can create components and content blocks that can then be reused time-and-time-again by simply copying the block and populating it with new content. What was once a time consuming and complex task has been made easy with Storyblok’s nestable content blocks that can easily be customised and include a drag & drop feature.

  • Content Workflows

    Storyblok lets you to take full control of what to publish and when. Set-up predefined or custom content workflows and define workflow stages so that only approved changes get published. Publish approved content right away or schedule a release, either automatically or manually.

  • Image Service
    Modify and optimise images on-the-go and have them cached in a CDN, resulting in faster websites and applications. Storyblok’s Image Service provides quality optimisation by providing automatic WebP support, the ability to change the compression rate of JPEG images and with the smart cropping, filter and focal point tools.

  • App Directory
    Add features to your Storyblok or even use your own apps with the App Directory, reducing time and complexity when integrating additional tools into your website.

Other Storyblok Features:

  • Granular User Permissions & Access Control
    Perfect for larger content and development teams, the fine-grained access control allows businesses to create user roles with different permissions, enabling a safe and secure workflow and publishing process.

  • Internationalisation
    Publish and manage content in different languages or international markets.

  • S3 Backups
    Set-up manual or automatic backups of your content and components in your personal Amazon AWS S3 bucket.

  • Multichannel & Omnichannel Publishing
    Make changes and then publish it just once to see it appear across all your online content platforms.

  • Performance Measurement
    Monitor and analyse the performance of your content and set up A/B tests to get real data, giving your valuable insights to optimise for better UX and SEO results.

  • Premium, Quality Support
    All Storyblok users have access to highly responsive technical and customer support at any time of the day or night.

It’s no wonder that so many businesses are taking the next step in the evolution of digital content management and delivery by switching from a traditional CMS to headless. Storyblok has a strong global reputation as one of the most user friendly, reliable, secure and innovative headless CMS platforms and is regarded as pioneers of the industry.

To find out if a headless CMS solution is the right choice for your business, contact Revium’s experienced digital consultants and start a discussion today by calling our Melbourne office on 03 9429 2000 or drop us a message via our contact page.