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Digital Marketing 2019 Review & 2020 Predictions

With 2019 behind us, we’ve been reflecting on another year in the Digital industry and the number of changes that shook up the Digital Marketing landscape. Revium’s Digital Marketing team share their insights from the past year, and their predictions for 2020.

As personalisation becomes more time and cost efficient, this strategy will likely be adopted by a much larger percentage of Digital Agencies and Marketing teams - making it a necessity for any Digital Strategy in order to keep up with the pack.

Briana Masters, Digital Marketing Coordinator

With the introduction of Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools or microservices, more companies will start to collect and incorporate conversational data into their analytics and processes.

Monica Lam, Insights & Analytics Manager

2020 will be the calm before the storm, and a good chance for the smarter operators to get ahead of the coming curve by reviewing and reworking their platforms, systems and processes to get the jump on the competition in 2021 where the rubber will really start to hit the road in terms of a tightening of data privacy and security

Adam Barty, Managing Partner

Emerging platforms like Tik Tok are expected to become more  mainstream as people become more aware of them.

Tanaka Parayiwa, Paid Media Manager 

For home hub searches, the winner takes all, so optimising for ‘position zero’ results becomes increasingly important to brands looking to gain maximum exposure.

Kyle Douglas, SEO Manager 

I expect the 15 second benchmark to get a user’s attention will reduce further, closer to 10-12 seconds, as consumers become less and less patient and more digitally savvy. Advertisers need to be focusing on their owned assets to ensure they are customer centric and able to almost instantly meet their customer’s needs.

Bernie Cullen, Digital Marketing Service Director