Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has evolved into a holistic practice that takes into account your website’s technical foundations, content and outreach to your target audience in order to improve rankings in search engines like Google.

Revium’s SEO consultants understand that technical and content-driven techniques need to be combined in order to get your website in front of your target audience, and to drive qualified traffic to your website.

We create goal-focused SEO campaigns that address real-world pain points designed to increase brand visibility, improve website traffic and generate additional leads. Our approach is data-driven and filters out vanity metrics, allowing us to focus on improving website traffic quality first, then building quantity to drive real-world ROI for your SEO spend.

Our SEO Consulting Process

Revium’s SEO strategies are designed to integrate with your other digital marketing streams. We look at your marketing challenge holistically and identify how your SEO strategy can augment other tactics - meaning we balance and forecast the potential impact alongside your other efforts to hit KPIs and reduce cost per acquisition. 

We also ensure that SEO works co-ordinate with other marketing streams, such as content marketing and paid media activities, so that strategies are aligned, leverage off each other and eliminate any duplication of effort.
Revium takes a holistic approach to SEO. Over the lifecycle of any campaign we follow a simple to understand 4-step model that covers all major areas of SEO.

Our 4-Step SEO Process

1. Technical
Ensuring Google can find your website, that it loads fast for searchers and is error free.

2. Audience
Identifying who you want to connect with by understanding what your ideal customer or website visitor.

3. Content
Planning content that addresses the interests or pain points of your target audience in order to lead them down the funnel - from awareness, to consideration and finally conversion. Revium can work with your current content teams to deliver a content plan or create content in-house.

4. Outreach
Uncovering the right channels to amplify your content and position it as authoritative, which increases its search engine rankings.

Measuring Success

We pride ourselves on the honesty and transparency of all of our digital marketing strategies. Our clients have the right to understand how they are progressing toward their marketing goals, so we set up reporting dashboards that outline performance in simple terminology. This is supported by Google Analytics statistics and trend lines, and visualise how the SEO campaign is affecting your website traffic. This gives our clients a transparent, data-centric look at the impact of the work our SEO consultants are performing for you.

To find out how Revium’s SEO consultants can help improve your visibility and rankings, get in touch with us today.

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