Digital Consulting & Audits
Objective, 3rd party consulting on digital ecosystems.

Often digital ecosystems are developed over time and become a combination of legacy and modern technologies that lead to siloed views of your business and your customers.

Revium provides objective, 3rd party digital consulting services to assist our clients in combining and modernising their digital technologies to give them a clear view of the state of their digital infrastructure and their clients.

How We Can Help You

For over a decade, Revium has delivered a range of diverse and business-critical digital solutions to our clients, providing them with the necessary platforms for future brand growth. Before you go to market seeking a specific solution, our team of consultants, strategists and business analysts can work with your team to define your strategic objectives and to produce a roadmap to reach that objective.

Obtaining business growth and competitive advantage via technology means you need to understand the risks and complex issues involved. Revium’s team can help identify and create a path to overcome these complexities, providing you with everything you need to drive your desired consumer behaviour.

Digital Transformation Consulting & Audits

Revium offers digital transformation consulting and audit services that give you independent, technology-agnostic advice spanning your existing solutions, your strategic options and 3rd party reviews of major projects currently in progress.

Typical outputs include:

  • Strategic roadmap - Digital transformation roadmap, business requirements documentation, digital marketing strategy, content audits

  • Web-based solution recommendations - Application development, systems architecture, cloud-based technologies

  • Digital transformation projects - Software as a Service (SaaS), infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), platform as a Service (PaaS), functional & technical specifications

  • Performance reports & audits - Security, hosting, project management, deployment, digital performance services etc.

  • Data - Segmentation, database health-check, website analytics, lead generation

  • Project implementation reviews - Development and deployment analyses, functionality & integration audits, platform performance assessments, amongst others.

Our digital consulting team utilise a variety of technologies and methodologies, applying software development life cycle principles and best practice project management process to analyse and review the existing state of your solutions architecture and provide future-state recommendations.

Revium provides both the documentation and budgetary advice to enhance your customer experience, generate business efficiencies and ensure you have the right solutions to leverage new digital opportunities, manage change and mitigate risk.

Some of the verticals we have worked for include:

  • Energy

  • Retails

  • Member-based organisations

  • Finance

  • Education

  • FMCG

  • Healthcare

  • Superannuation

  • IC&T

  • Property

  • Manufacturing

Speak to Revium today about how our team of digital consultants can audit your business and design a roadmap for digital transformation success.