Human Centred Design Informs the Overhaul of a DNA Health and Wellness App

The Challenge 

myDNA is an Australian Health and Wellness business based in Melbourne. By combining DNA analysis with global, peer-reviewed evidence, myDNA deliver to their clients highly personalised fitness and nutrition plans and insights to help achieve their individual goals. 

myDNA’s existing product offering of individual, one-time, personalised reports based on a customer’s unique genetic makeup were overflowing with valuable and unique insights, but customers struggled to make effective use of such a large and vast array of information.   

Having previously been engaged to conduct CX research to help realise greater customer value across their existing offering, Revium were again engaged by myDNA to help design and validate a DNA insight driven wellness app that would guide a customer through their fitness journey, making use of the customers genetic insights to supercharge their results.

The Solution  

Underpinned by previously conducted research and a market analysis, Revium facilitated Design Thinking workshops for the Executive and Marketing teams at myDNA to map out the desired Customer Journey and iteratively develop concepts for the fitness app.

Revium took the workshopped concept and built out a clickable prototype that was tested with myDNA’s target demographic to understand both the potential value of the experience as well as the usability of the concept. Taking onboard prototype testing feedback, Revium conducted a further two rounds of concept iteration and prototype testing with target user groups to refine down to a final concept.

The Outcome 

Revium delivered to myDNA a fully validated product concept in the form of UX wireframes as well as a User Interface Design Kit that could be handed directly to the myDNA development team to kick-off the full build of the application. In late 2020, myDNA launched its personalised wellness membership program, ‘myDNA Unlocked’, to the domestic and international market. 

We simply couldn't have delivered the version of myDNA Unlocked we landed on without the expert guidance of the Revium team. The clinical methodology they brought to the discovery workshops and user testing has given us a wealth of knowledge we still lean on as we're iterating the experience