Social Media Marketing

Gain brand exposure and communicate with current customers with managed social media marketing campaigns.

Social media marketing gives brands the opportunity to serve customers from the very beginning of their customer journey through to those in the ‘loyalty loop’, communicating new products and services while creating a space for customer feedback and direct online interaction.

As social media marketing consultants, Revium offers expertise in crafting strategies that leverage both paid advertising and organic/community management across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter and Tik Tok.

Our holistic approach ensures social channels leverage an overarching content strategy, integrating organic and paid social activity seamlessly with other digital marketing channels throughout the entire customer journey.

Paid Social Media Marketing

Target users with highly relevant promoted content within social media platforms based on their interests, behavior and buying intent. Paid social gives brands an additional touch point within a customer’s journey directly in the social platforms they interact with day to day.

At Revium, we use these digital channels to drive brand awareness with new prospects and then encourage action that increases return on investment (ROI), such as return and repeat purchases.

Organic Social Media Marketing

Organic social provides a direct line of communication with your loyal followers through posts and post sharing, adding an additional layer to customer service and sales lines. 

At Revium we place great emphasis on continually monitoring and responding to consumers who engage with your brand via these channels to ensure timely responses that positively impact your brand equity.

Expert Social Media Staff

Our digital marketing team comprises highly skilled, experienced social media marketing consultants who excel in both strategic and executional best practice across all facets of your social marketing - from planning, to content creation, execution, management and performance across all activity. 

Conversion-focused Social Media Consultants

We Put ROI First

ROI is at the heart of everything we do. We deliver social campaigns that enhance your broader digital marketing strategy, and base our recommendations on improving performance and ROI.

We follow a fluid approach to investment planning and allocate your media budget strategically - pivoting quickly to capitalise on the best performing tactic and channel.

Channel Agnostic

We have no incentive or preference to partner with specific media providers. Revium are an independent cosulting and digi, so we base our recommendations on performance and ROI, not existing partner relationships. 

We do not mark-up media or work on a commission basis, and guarantee 100% transparent performance reporting, allowing you to audit and review the results we achieve.

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We're an independent digital transformation consulting agency, so we base our recommendations on performance and ROI, not existing partner relationships. Ready to get social? Speak to Revium today about how we could leverage social media marketing to impact your brand equity and marketing ROI today.

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