Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of paid digital media, in which advertisers use ads on Google, Bing or YouTube to improve brand awareness and drive sales to online and offline channels.

SEM is one of the most mature online direct marketing approaches to reach leads who are in-market for your products or services.

As an SEM agency, Revium puts your business goals at the heart of your campaign and implements a strategy that provides ongoing monitoring, reporting and optimisation that is critical to achieving a positive return on investment on your paid media spend.

Get in Front of Prospects Where They Search

Get your ads in front of new prospects on the platforms they use day to day. Expertly executed SEM campaigns allow brands to reach their target audience at an investment level that can be planned and optimised to the business objectives.

A customer’s journey is rarely linear, so designing campaigns around keywords they use to find more information about your business in search engines is critical to generating conversions.


Strategic PPC Management

Revium’s pay-per-click (PPC) digital marketing experts approach SEM with the same data-driven approach that underlies most of our services, paired with a focus on delivering strong return on investment to our clients. 

Our approach to delivering high performing search engine marketing campaigns:

  • Strategy – Develop the overarching strategic plan based on business targets and investment. 
  • Planning – Select the best search engine platform and content mix for your business objectives.
  • Campaign Setup – Select keywords, ad extensions and bidding strategies to direct only relevant traffic to your landing pages. 
  • Optimisation – Tweak keywords, audiences, ad copy and bidding strategies to improve ROI.
  • Measurement and Reporting – Detailed performance insights on what is working and what we have done to improve it.


An Independent SEM Agency

Revium is independently owned and does not partner with any specific media partner or provider. This ensures we are truly platform agnostic and devise SEM campaigns around channels that will best meet your PPC objectives.

Our PPC consultants are experienced across multiple verticals and investment levels, and are deeply knowledgeable on getting the most out of the search platform for each client we work with.

To learn more about how Revium can improve the performance of your paid media spend, contact us today to discuss your strategy.

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