Digital Performance Measurement

Measure and optimise every aspect of your online marketing program for an independent view of your ROI.

Does your business have a clear and independent view of the ROI your digital marketing program is delivering?

Digital Performance Management allows you to accurately measure and optimise every aspect of your online marketing program, without which your business is essentially flying blind.

Revium offers Digital Performance Measurement reviews to provide an objective, third party view of the statistical robustness of the performance metrics reported by your marketing agency. This gives you confidence in the metrics you harness to inform both current and future digital marketing activities.

At Revium, we believe accurate recording of digital performance data provides a necessary foundation for every digital marketing investment. But surprisingly, we often see many businesses choose to forgo investing in their own independent reporting service, and instead rely on reporting from the agency delivering the marketing campaign, basic Google Analytics (GA) data or just plain gut feel.

Isn’t Google Analytics Enough?

One of the most prominent misconceptions about digital analytics is that by simply installing GA, all the necessary data to get deep insights into your digital performance is available. While it is a powerful tool, GA requires deep customisation during set up after the basic install has been implemented on a website in order to leverage this power

GA only captures the data it is configured to and nothing more. If form data needs to be reviewed, then GA needs to be configured to recognise interactions with your forms to provide this data. Our Google Analytics Consultants take careful consideration of customer touch points and goals are critical to collecting the right data sets for your organisation.

Our Approach to Digital Performance Management

With a DPM audit, Revium ensures an accurate and independent view of the performance of your digital assets across paid, earned and owned media. As part of this process our digital marketing, Customer Experience (CX) and data consulting teams work closely together to ensure our tracking provides insights to validate and/or inform the overarching strategy and business objectives.

As part of DPM, Revium may:

  • Prevent incorrect data recording, by fixing errors in the way code is being served.

  • Filter out spam or bot traffic, so you are only seeing real user data

  • Block your organisation, and associated vendors, from your GA view to prevent artificially inflated traffic.

  • Ensure eCommerce cart referrals are being correctly attributed to the right source by filtering out payment gateways.

Provide drilled down, granule insights by configuring GA in a way that enables these insights. Proper implementation of your GA account means you can confidently base decisions on accurate data and insights; allowing your team to;

  • Remove all subjectivity from creative decisions

  • Obtain true insight into which content resonates with your users

  • Understand where your customer experience could be improved, and;

  • Develop future digital marketing strategies based on data that reflects the true ROI of your previous activities.

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