One of the benefits of digital marketing over more traditional marketing formats is the ability to directly monitor and evaluate its performance.

Surprisingly many businesses choose not to invest in digital performance measurement, instead relying on agency provided reporting, basic Google Analytics data or just gut feel.

At Revium, we believe accurate recording of digital performance data provides the  necessary foundation for every digital marketing investment. By doing so, we can measure and optimise every aspect of your online marketing program – otherwise you (and the money you invest in digital marketing) are flying blind.

Is Google Analytics Enough?

One of the most prominent misconceptions clients have about digital analytics is that by simply installing Google Analytics they will have all the data they need at their fingertips.

There are a few reasons why this is not the case.

Data integrity

Often we see mistakes in the implementation and configuration of Google Analytics, with common issues such as;

  • Basic mistakes in the way the code is being served (or multiple installations) on the website causing errors in the data being recorded
  • Not filtering out SPAM activity (known as referral SPAM) which can account for as much as 20% of reported traffic
  • Not filtering out activity from their own office and digital vendors which distorts any data collected
  • Issues with referral exclusions not being setup on eCommerce sites leading to payment gateways being credited as the source of the converting traffic
  • And more…

Data Capture

Google Analytics captures only the activity it is configured to capture – and nothing more. This means if you want to retrospectively look at your data, to discover for example the page a visitor is on when they submit a pop up form, you have to configure Google Analytics to record this information or you won’t be able to see it.

There is a huge amount of potentially valuable business data you can capture if you go out of your way to record it. For example, instead of just measuring form submissions your analytics could be recording responses to each field in the form – even if the forms aren’t submitted. This type of data can help you improve form completion rates, provide unique customer insights and help you better understand your website’s user experience.

We can even setup a system that lets you know what organisations visited your website, what pages they looked at and how they arrived on the site.

Google Analytics Goals

Another key area where basic installations of Google Analytics fall down is when goals are not set up, or worse, where goals are incorrectly configured.

Our Digital Performance Measurement Capability

We create bespoke programs for all our clients, with varying levels of complexity and sophistication.

In doing so, we establish accurate recording of data from virtually any digital asset, including;

  • Websites
  • Advertising platforms (PPC, Display and Retargeting)
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Android/iOS Apps
  • CRMs
  • ERPs
  • And more…

We can even tell you where your brand is showing up in photos/videos from anywhere in the world across any digital platform – in near to real time.

Visualisation & Analysis Services

Once you have accurate data flowing the focus shifts to what you can do with that data.

At Revium we deliver transparent reporting and provide actionable insights. We setup custom digital dashboards for your organisation that pull data from various sources and weave them together.

Want to see sales from your accounting software matched against sales data from your website and activity from the sales team direct from your CRM? Data insights of this kind can prove invaluable; giving business leaders accurate, relevant information they can easily interpret and access online in near to real time.

Beyond visualisation, Revium can support your organisation's existing data mining efforts via a methodical and systematic interrogation of your digital data; in other words, we can help you uncover, generate and test insights previously buried in the numbers.

News Bytes
  • Developed a diet management website using a bespoke ASP.NET web application with extensive use of Telerik RAD controls for AL Fitness

  • Implemented SQL FILESTREAM to migrate database embedded documents onto a file server to reduce database size by 95%

  • Launched online sign-up function integrated with billing engine Orion with QAS Address validation for Alinta Energy

  • Integrated web service to push sales leads from Kentio BizForm to CRM delivered for Alinta Energy

  • Designed and developed an aesthetically-pleasing website to showcase products and act as a major lead generator using Kentico CMS for Axieo

  • Built fully responsive website based on agency-provided designs for ASX-listed ClearView (ASX:CVW)

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