Digital marketing works in a way that traditional marketing doesn't: it allows us to measure the performance of every aspect of your digital marketing program to ensure you are getting optimal ROI for your marketing spend.

At Revium, we help clients with every aspect of their online marketing - from SEO and Social Media through to paid advertising, automated marketing and more. Having a single vendor for every digital channel ensures a properly integrated campaign, which is critical in any successful digital marketing program. It also reduces your workload, with just one vendor to manage for all your digital campaigns.

We also do things a bit differently when it comes to how we engage with clients. We have a commitment to transparent reporting, with no lock in contracts and everything set up in your business name – so that if you do want to move on from us you can take all your advertising accounts with you.

We take this approach because we believe in what we do and how we do it. The results we deliver to your bottom line mean there's no need for lock-in contracts or reports packed with gobbledygook.

We'd rather take the time to understand your business, your clients, your prospects and - most importantly - your business goals. This allows us to develop tailored online marketing programs to deliver you the results you want. We look at the data generated by your business and digital channels and report back to you using performance metrics that can quantify ROI, as well as identify areas for improvement.

Whether you’re looking for a digital partner to help grow leads; drive more sales; get more sign ups or simply to measure the performance of your existing digital marketing strategy, Revium can help.

Digital Performance Measurement

This is our moniker for what others might call Analytics & Data. We see DPM as the foundation for any digital marketing program – after all, if you can't accurately measure your performance you will never truly know whether your marketing is delivering positive ROI.

Digital Audits

Audits are often the first step we recommend taking for new accounts. We take a comprehensive look at every aspect of your digital marketing to give you an overview of what is and isn't working; where the gaps are and what you should prioritise to bring your strategy back on track.

Digital Strategy Development

Integrated marketing campaigns are the best performing digital marketing campaigns. Our digital strategy development process looks at how each online channel can impact upon and support the other channels – as well as how digital can integrate with your offline marketing efforts.


Search Engine Optimisation is a continually evolving discipline that can reap significant rewards for those who get it right. Our focus with SEO is the quality and quantity of traffic we can drive to your site, in that order of importance. Ultimately it's about what keywords your site ranks for, not how many.


Social media is a powerful marketing tool but unless a sensible strategy is employed it can also be a waste of time, money and effort. We take a practical approach to social media, leveraging it for real value rather than getting caught up in less tangible metrics that won't move the needle on your bottom line.


Our focus on data comes to the fore when we talk about pay-per-click advertising. For us, this is all about getting the measurement protocols set up right then optimising and tracking your campaign performance against conversion metrics - rather than focusing on click through rates or visitor volumes.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Whatever your digital marketing objectives may be, at the end of each of your programs is a desired outcome, or what we like to call 'a conversion'. CRO is the process of analysing each step in the journey to a conversion, using data to generate a hypothesis on how it could be improved and then testing that hypothesis in the real world. Put simply, the aim of a CRO program is to achieve more conversions from the same volume of traffic.

Email & Automated Marketing

Email remains a strong marketing channel when handled the right way. The latest email marketing techniques use personalisation, customer behaviour and automation to drastically improve the efficacy of traditional email campaigns. Our email marketing services can help you to capture more leads on your website and push them into automated nurturing campaigns, as well as leverage your existing databases to nurture and generate more leads.

Content Marketing

We also provide services in content marketing, remarketing, display advertising, influencer marketing and many more digital channels not listed above.


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