Expert Website Development

The most important consideration when developing your website is how all the elements will best serve the customer experience.

Revium ensures the design, function and technology for your website all come together to maximise the experience for your users.

Our team of experienced digital specialists, designers, project managers and producers facilitate the delivery of your project from start to finish.

We specify, develop, host and support your digital presence. A Revium produced website enables you to engage your audience and reduce costs, while maximising sales, leads and profits.

Revium is technology agnostic when it comes to website design and development. We draw upon vast experience and qualified research when recommending the CMS platform best-suited for your requirements.

Revium builds responsive, reliable and extremely secure websites.

Our clients’ websites:

  • Work on any device – smart phones; smart TVs; watches and wearables; fridges, and even cars.

  • Integrate with your existing software systems such as customer databases or CRMs; finance systems (GL or ERP); warehouses; sales systems; billing systems, etc.

  • Function to promote your brand 24/7, while supporting your sales systems and personnel on the ground.

  • Facilitate e-Commerce with a multitude of features and functions available, and integrate with any payment gateway of your choice.

  • Harness powerful Content Management Systems (CMSs) such as Kentico, Sitecore, Adobe AEM, WordPress Umbraco and Drupal.

  • Enable automated marketing, maximising lead generation and nurturing strategies.

  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Website Development Capability

Revium is a team of expert digital specialists, project managers and producers with the expertise to plan, specify, develop, host and support your organisation's digital presence. We facilitate the delivery of your project from start to finish, and provide many clients with the ongoing support required to maximise and optimise your online presence.

Our project teams include user experience practitioners to design exceptional customer experiences, while our developers ensure your website is optimised to work across any device, and all code meets best practice standards.

Revium is technology agnostic when it comes to website development. We draw upon vast experience and qualified research when recommending the CMS platform best-suited for your requirements - not because it’s the only CMS we know intimately like many other agencies. With proper CMS implementation, our websites can be updated autonomously and all intellectual property remains in the ownership of your business, as does the website itself.

Revium also provides a range of hosting services and agreements.

Website Services

Revium offers the following services for your next website project:

  • Strategic Direction for sales focus, or public service

  • Creative Direction for Company Websites, Microsites, Intranets

  • eCommerce

  • Product & Scheme Microsites

  • Campaign Landing Pages

  • Enquiry Forms

  • Online Calculators

  • Online Application Forms

  • Payment Gateways

  • Custom Web Applications

  • User Experience & Interface Design

  • Content Production & Management

  • Customer log-ins

  • Web projects in the Windows .NET web technology stack and the LAMP/Open source technology stack.

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation services

We use tried and tested system-based methodologies and techniques to ensure your website project is delivered on-time and on-budget. We provide a hosted portal for tracking all milestones and issues throughout the development of your website, in addition to formal documented work-in-progress meetings with your dedicated project manager and team.

All our staff & partners are based in our office in Melbourne and are available to any client for face-to-face conversations and project progress checks. In total, Revium employ 30+ university qualified development personnel, all with excellent communication skills and formal certifications in their respective fields of expertise.

Website Development Approach

Our approach to website development begins by splitting the project into logical tasks.

Scope for success

The first task is to define the success of the project. We imagine your new website by working backwards from a series of hypothetical questions such as:

  • ‘What will the website need to do to be considered successful?’

  • ‘Who will use the website the most?’

  • ‘What will it take to make these users satisfied with the experience?’

Plan for success

Next we take the project scope and identify each of the required parts: branding and creative aspects; domain name; hosting; technical integrations; and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

User experience (UX) – the most important thing for any new website – comes next, followed by user interactions and design. Once these elements are in place, the information layout and available content and imagery can be planned.

Revium’s systems analysts will also prepare the necessary specifications for any customised functions required at this point in the project. We are experienced system integrators, using a relevant integration approach for your existing infrastructure (APIs, database replication/synchronisations, middleware).

Develop for success

Once planning is complete, the development phase begins.

Websites are built by our front-end developers in close collaboration with our back-end developers. Our teams offer expertise across:

  • Open Source Programming (PHP)

  • Microsoft Programming (

  • SQL, MySQL Database Programming

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

  • WordPress Custom Development

  • .NET CMS Custom Development

  • Non-CMS Custom Development

Before ‘going live’, every site we produce is subjected to a rigorous testing regime to ensure quality, specifications are met and functionality is delivered.

Go-live for success

Once your project team is satisfied the new website has achieved its objectives and goals, it is time for launch.

On request, Revium supports the launch and deployment of the website. We are also able to support the new website under a number of hosting arrangements.

Project Management and development Approach – Waterfall or Agile

For large and highly integrated website projects Revium harnesses the skill of an experienced Business Analyst. A professional who can take your requirements and ensure they are all properly specified for a quality system development. Our analysts are also adept project managers and are able to keep close track of all the moving parts of large, complex projects.

Revium is able to work under a number of project approaches, subject to the best agreed approach to deliver the desired outputs. For short term projects, we assume a waterfall Project Management approach to give you complete costing control. For longer projects with staged outcomes or numerous touchpoints, we work to an agile methodology.

Each of our development team members have formal credentials in agile and waterfall development approaches.

Recent Work Portfolio

View our portfolio of recent work:

  • Federal Government: Energy made easy for AER/ACCC

  • State Government: Cleaner Yarra Bay (EPA Vic), Public Records Office Victoria, Lands Victoria, Agriculture Victoria Services, Victoria Auditor General, Office of Public Prosecutions, Regional Rail Link Authority.

  • Large Commercial: HostPlus Investment Returns, BUPA, Swisse Wellness, Alinta Energy, Lumo Energy, Red Energy, Grant Samuels Funds Management, Westpac Finance, Melbourne Business School, Axieo, Nuplex,

  • Not for Profits: Southern Cross Care Victoria, College of Anaesthetists, Amaze, College of Intensive Care

  • Small Business: Talk Coffee, Melbourne Prosthetic Centre, H2O Pro

Digital Marketing Services

Revium provides ongoing digital marketing services to complement our website development services. This includes scheduled audits of your site’s performance and the creation of bespoke dashboards to measure and assess how users engage with your content. We can also provide strategic advice on your overarching digital marketing program, and assist with content creation, amplification and community management.