Application Development

Best-practice custom application & software development

We are experts in developing end-to-end applications that integrate with your existing office applications or website. From the planning phase through to specification and User Experience design, we guarantee quality and fit-for-purpose applications.

What is Web Application Development?

Web Application Development means building online or cloud based software. Web applications, like websites, are accessible from anywhere in the world.

We design and build web applications to meet the precise needs of end users, whether they be employees, customers, members or other stakeholders.

Generally, these applications are designed to be accessible only with appropriate registration or authentication, requiring individual usernames and passwords for each user. Web applications can also be customised to offer varying functionality depending on the level of credentials of each individual log-in.

In short, web application development is another way of saying Cloud computing and is the modern way of building software. Quality web applications operate on desktop PCs, mobile phones, tablets, and any other internet connected device. The user interfaces for these applications are designed to be intuitive and offer an outstanding user experience.

Custom build versus Commercial Off The Shelf

When deciding to build your own web application you should first consider whether there is already available Commercial Off-The-Shelf software (COTS) able to be purchased and configured to meet your business needs.

When suitable and existing software is not available on the market, a bespoke web application is the best solution. The comparison table below summarises the key differences/similarities between bespoke and commercial off the shelf (COTS) solutions.

Bespoke Web Application

  • Can be built specifically to meet your individual business needs

  • More expensive to implement up-front

  • Ongoing maintenance costs for enhancements or changes

  • Complete control over changes required

  • If developed by Revium, full Intellectual Property ownership resides with you

  • Full control over product/software direction

  • Ability to bring complete support and maintenance in-house

  • 3rd party and in-house training and support available

  • Change management costs to consider

  • Longer time to market


  • You may need to alter your business processes to match what the software offers

  • Less expensive purchase price

  • Ongoing license costs

  • May have costly configuration or customisation changes

  • No ownership of Intellectual Property

  • Limited or no control over product road map

  • No ability to maintain all levels of software in-house

  • 3rd party training and support available

  • Change management costs to consider

  • Faster time to market

Benefits of Application Development

Every organisation in one way or another engages in application development or purchases software to manage their business.

The benefits to your organisation of Revium-built web applications are:

  • Globally accessible data and functionality.

  • Web applications are 100% device and browser independent. Your application can be used anywhere, anytime.

  • Your business needs are 100% met through our precise software development methodology.

  • Your stakeholders enjoy software functionality perfectly suited to their needs.

  • Upon deployment, changes to the software/application are immediately available anywhere in the world.

  • As your business needs change the application can change with them.

  • Full ownership of Intellectual Property resides with you.

  • Reduces reliance on 3rd party software licensing fees.

  • Full control over your application architecture and environment. Control is not contingent on 3rd party providers.

  • A single code base to maintain. No requirement to maintain different versions of software or release Android and Apple versions of the application.

Our Experience & Capabilities

Revium has been building Web Applications since 1998, the same year Google was launched. Since then, we have made it our business to follow and adapt to new technologies as they mature.

Custom built web applications have and always will be our passion, though more recently, we are proud to offer other core capabilities such as website development and digital marketing.

Here are some reasons to choose Revium as your Web Application developer:

  • Our experience in Web Application Development is unparalleled.

  • Revium has released over 240 applications across almost every industry, NFP and government. We are award-winning, fully W3C compliant, and every application and major software change we release comes with a 3 month warranty.

  • We love complex technical challenges; the harder the requirements the more we excel.

  • Our applications will work on all browsers, devices and operating systems.

  • We have successfully completed system integration projects with almost every other major IT & software vendor. (E.g. SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint, Sage Accpac, payment gateways and every type of database, etc.)

  • We host applications on-premises, in the cloud or on our own tier 1 data centre rack space.

  • Our applications can even be designed to work even when the user is offline (data is stored locally and transmitted when an internet connection is found).

It's no wonder then our clients stick around. With an average length of client relationship of around 6 years, it's further proof of how capable we are to support you once your application is up and running.

Development and Technology Options

Revium develops applications across a range of technology bases, depending on what is best for each client. We recommend a development platform and code base specific to the existing IT infrastructure at your organisation. We use frameworks and existing web platforms only if they can help us increase ROI through reduced cost and a faster speed to market.

Some of the technologies we work with include:

  • The Microsoft .Net Framework

  • LAMP - Linux Apache MySQL PHP

  • APIs – we write our own or use APIs and web services to integrate with other applications (where they already exist)

  • Content Management Systems; sometimes a CMS can provide some of the core content manipulation required to engage specific users. The CMS platforms we typically consider are:

    • Sitecore (Microsoft)

    • Kentico (Microsoft)

    • Umbraco (Microsoft)

    • Drupal (LAMP)

    • WordPress (LAMP)

Why work with Revium?

  • All our staff are degree qualified and also hold software engineering accreditations with the relevant providers (e.g. Microsoft Certified Software Developers).

  • No off-shoring. All our staff are permanent full-time employees, located in our Richmond office.

  • We choose a working methodology to suit you (e.g. waterfall, agile etc.)

  • We are meticulous planners and project managers.

  • We are Certified partners with all our technology vendors.

  • We understand the technology and the challenges that will be faced in a technical environment and we carefully manage this using a robust risk management process.

  • We work with you closely to deliver on budget and resource your project appropriately.

  • We understand the end-to-end Software Development LifeCycle. We can develop your entire solution or, if you have in-house expertise, work alongside your team on agreed deliverables.

  • We support and maintain your application and can assist you with change management to bring this function in-house.

Who has Revium worked with?

Revium has proven experience in the delivery of significant web and software development projects across a wide range of market sectors.

This includes Federal Governement (ACCC/AER); Victorian State Government (DEPI, EPA, PROV, RRLA, Education, OPP); corporate (KPMG, Melbourne Business School, Alinta Energy, AGL, Simply Energy); non-profit (Law Institute of Victoria, Financial Ombudsman Service, ANZCA, RANZCOG, GESA, Amaze) and hundreds of SME organisations.

To find out more, read our Case Studies.