Revium provides quality on-shore development services in a wide range of technologies and software development languages.

It doesn’t matter what business you're in - you are in technology. Revium’s development services give you back control by building quality websites, web applications and online software for you to run your business online.

Revium provides professional development services that cover all aspects required to deliver quality systems. We specialise in Microsoft and open source (LAMP) along with the latest front-end technologies.

Website Development

The most important consideration when developing your website is how all the elements will best serve your customers experience.

Application Development

We are experts in developing end-to-end applications that integrate with your existing office applications or website. We guarantee quality and fit-for-purpose applications.

Hosting & Infrastructure

Secure, robust and scalable access to your digital assets can be achieved through on-premise, co-located or Cloud based solutions. Our experts can help.

Systems Integration

Correct systems integration enriches the capabilities of each of your platform to provide you with business intelligence for better decision-making.

Systems Architecture

To leverage the smarts of disparate systems requires full two-way integration of platforms within an architecture that designed with security, efficacy and scalability in mind.

Support & Maintenance

Support and maintenance of websites and web applications will give you peace of mind. Revium can tailor an agreement to each client (from ad hoc through to 24x7 support ).

Project Management

Whether an agile or waterfall methodology best serves the delivery of your project, our team of BAs and PMs work with you to ensure risk is managed and quality delivered.

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