Website Tag Deployment & Management

Improve performance & data accuracy of your website & digital marketing.

Outdated, unnecessary or incorrectly configured tag set up can mean inaccurate data and bloated load times for your website. Revium offers your business an experienced and dedicated team that focuses purely on website tracking strategies, deployment and management.

As experts in data tracking and tagging, we ensure tags only fire where relevant and that they are reporting real conversions, giving your business the necessary and accurate digital marketing performance data to make informed strategic and future investment decisions.

What is Tag Deployment & Management?

Tag deployment and management is an end-to-end process for measuring user behaviour and website performance across your digital marketing channels. They collect user data, track sessions or call up content, and enable conversion rate tracking, ad-serving and remarketing.

There are a variety of platforms and technologies within the market used to implement tags, with the industry standards being Google Tag Manager and Google Campaign Manager.

Benefits of Tag Management

Modern marketing is founded on having sound data from which to base accurate decisions. Making your data collection fast and clean gives you the confidence to make better decisions, and Revium’s tag management services ensure that you can:

  • Trust that the data recording on your site is accurate

  • Harness data-led insights and decisions based on how your customers engage with your site

  • Improve your understanding of how your digital marketing channels work together, giving you the insight to better optimise and increase ROI

At Revium, we take a customer-led approach to website tagging strategies. Utilising insights gained from Customer Experience and User Experience data, we ensure tags are firing when they should to give you the clearest view of your customers’ activities on your digital properties.

Some examples of what we can tag on your website or application include:

  • Conversion events (e.g. form completions, e-commerce, phone calls)

  • User behavior and engagement (e.g. scroll rates, product engagement, page expansions) 

  • Audience tracking (e.g. remarketing audience lists, new vs returning users)

Our Approach to Tag Management

Revium’s team of experts approach tracking with the view of the customer front of mind, and track all macro and micro events to ensure your digital marketing activities are delivering ROI while providing the data needed to reveal strong customer insights.
Our process includes:

  • Strategy – We work with CX, development teams and third-party agencies to develop the overarching tracking strategy and technology.

  • Planning – We then develop the measurement plan and generate the tags.

  • Deployment – The tags are deployed, ensuring lean tracking best practice principles are followed.

  • Testing – We test the tags and data layers to ensure all data is being recorded accurately.

  • Always-On Monitoring – Custom alerts are set up to monitor the tags, ensuring they fire correctly, and no tags have been removed from the website.

To find out more about how tag management strategies can give you greater confidence in your digital marketing insights, speak to Revium today.