Data Integration Services

Get a complete view of your customer.

Integrating data from all collection points, such as Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and website Content Management Systems (CMSs), into one ‘single customer view’ enables businesses to make smarter decisions on where to focus marketing spend, product development and service design efforts.

Revium understands that knowing where to begin when integrating data can be difficult. Our consultants offer the strategic and technical expertise required to architect and implement sophisticated data integration solutions to help your business build an intimate view of its customers.

Data Integration Consulting

Our team of data integration consultants take a strategy-first approach to achieving the single customer view. We work with you to understand your business, the current-state of your digital ecosystem, and your strategic objectives. From there, we’re able to architect a solution to deliver upon the project outcomes with clarity around the investment required.

When you engage Revium, you have access to the diverse range of professionals necessary to define and implement your data strategy end-to-end; from understanding the data of value to your business, to documenting and integrating systems, establishing a single source of truth, interrogating data-sets and actioning data-driven marketing initiatives.

What Systems Can We Integrate?

Examples of some of the platforms we can integrate include:

  • CRM

  • ERP

  • Website CMS

  • Analytics platforms

  • 3rd party tools and systems

All our solutions are documented, secure and easy to maintain – with little to no ongoing developer intervention required.

Getting Insights From Your Data

Once a single repository for your data has been established, Revium can help you select the tools required to gain insights from your investment and utilise them to make better marketing and product development decisions. Some ways we can help are:

  • Create custom tools for your business

  • Interrogate the data on your behalf

  • Use machine learning (ML) to optimise marketing efforts

This will enable you to discover your high-value customers and the attributes they display, then utilise this information to target prospects that display similar behaviours and attributes. Revium can also handle all aspects of your digital marketing, leveraging the insights that your data integration delivers.

Speak with us today about how we can help you unlock the hidden value your data offers.