Dashboarding & Data Visualisation

View all your data streams in one location with custom dashboards.

Many businesses are drowning in data, channelling information through multiple sources from siloed, disparate systems. Inability to interpret this data prevents it from forming the basis for informed decisions, leaving the value in data collection on the table.

Revium can help you make more informed decisions by bringing your disparate data sets together in a cohesive, central dashboard, enabling agile decision-making through live, real-time reporting and insights on the performance and ROI of your digital marketing tactics.

Get Meaning From Your Data 

Understanding what data you collect offers value, and how to combine and analyse this data in a meaningful manner is the first step to unlocking the power data brings to your business.

Complex data sets represented visually often reveal patterns and insights that would otherwise remain hidden without assistance from a data scientist to make sense of the raw data and its statistical significance. This can then be leveraged by businesses to make more informed media investment decisions, enhance sales funnels, provide superior customer experiences and improve product/service development. 

How Can Revium Help With Your Dashboarding?

Engaging Revium to build custom dashboards for your business can help you:

  • Realise the true value of data by visualising data collected from multiple sources (CRM, Website Analytics, ERP, Social Media and CDP platforms). 

  • Identify potential issues sooner with a clear understanding of trends, patterns and anomalies.

  • Maximise marketing team ROI by enabling them to develop strategy and insights from data.

  • Convey insights, messages and hypotheses in a concise and easily digestible format for business reporting.

Out of the Box Integrations & Dashboarding Solutions

We utilise a variety of technologies and tools to visualise information, and typically create dashboards within Google Data Studio (GDS) or Power BI.  
Across both tools, data can be pulled into a single dashboard that can be displayed in different formats with dynamic filtering for ease of use. 

Google Data Studio is a freemium visualisation tool that can fulfil the basic reporting needs of small to medium sized companies. On its own, Google Data Studio seamlessly integrates with products in the Google Marketing Platform suite. This can be further extended to other third-party platforms when paired with other reporting automation tools.

On the other hand, Power BI is better suited for larger enterprise clients where more data connections, advanced data transformations and complex visualisations are required. Power BI has an extensive list of integrations that includes both popular third-party marketing tools and on-premise and cloud data sources.  

A Trusted Data Agency

Our team of data analysts and digital marketers hold both ADMA Data Pass and Google certifications, and Revium is an ADMA Trust Mark certified digital agency. We have an intimate understanding of the privacy, governance and compliance requirements concerning the collection, use, storage and handling of your data.

The processes and systems we have in place when working with your data to keep it secure align with ISO 27001, giving you confidence your critical data assets are protected.

Spend less time analysing the data you collect and start capitalising on the insights it provides. Speak to Revium today about secure, custom reporting dashboards that will help you leverage the power of data visualisation.