Depending on who you talk to, data is either the new oil, the new black, something to be feared or just something that you should know more about and be using more effectively.

The reality is that, for most people, data is daunting – knowing what it is, how you get it, how you secure it, how you handle privacy and, most importantly, how in the hell you can use it to add value to your business. We understand this challenge and we expend an enormous amount of effort ensuring our team is up to date with this quickly evolving discipline so that we can not only provide our clients with informed answers to all of these questions, but also help them to execute on the promise of the data revolution in a safe and secure way.

Revium offers a unique capability to our clients with end to end expertise from development and integration (allowing us to handle the initial challenges of data centralisation) through to data consulting, data strategy, data analysis and associated digital marketing services. We can provide an end to end solution for our clients where otherwise they would need to engage three disparate vendors.

Our data and analytics team are well versed across all areas of the discipline from consultation, security, privacy, strategy, support, implementation, analysis, and integration through to AI & Machine learning. The team is highly accredited with Google Analytics qualifications, tertiary qualifications in statistics, expertise in programming languages such as R and Python, as well as having individual ADMA Data Pass certifications (Revium as a business is also Data Trust Mark certified) to ensure we can handle the privacy and security issues related to leveraging data.

Below are some of our key areas of expertise within data and analytics, but given it is such a broad discipline there are of course other capabilities and services beyond these which we can, and do, offer to our clients.

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver sophisticated data and analytics solutions even in the most complex of IT environments whilst ensuring we help to educate and communicate with client stakeholders at all levels in language that they can easily understand.

Digital Performance Measurement

The ability to measure the performance of digital assets and utilise data-driven insights to evaluate and optimise your marketing investment is one of the benefits of digital marketing over traditional methods.

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AI & Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning allow us to provide services to our customers that were previously unimaginable. The range of potential applications is almost unending – some examples are churn prediction, content recommendations and business process improvement identification.

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Data Privacy and Handling

With the introduction of the European GDPR and Australia's NDB scheme, organisations need to understand their data handling responsibilities and plan for further tightening of data protection and privacy laws in Australia.

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Tagging Implementation & Management

Relying on your media agency to set up tagging can lead to a lack of accuracy and bloated load times from unnecessary scripts that are irrelevant or expired. As experts in data tracking and tagging we can ensure tags only fire where relevant and that they are reporting real conversions.

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Dashboards & Visualisation

Avoid analysis paralysis with custom dashboards and data visualisations that provide your business with actionable insights and allow you to instantly review the true ROI of your marketing efforts. Data can be combined from multiple sources such as website analytics, CRM, social media, ERP, etc.

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Data Analysis

The ever-growing volume of data that businesses collect can be daunting. Revium can help by collating your data from various sources, analysing it, uncovering meaningful, valuable & actionable insights and then presenting them to you in reports designed for business people not data scientists.

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Data Integration

Chasing the “Single Customer View”? You are not alone. Revium is experienced at architecting integration strategies to combine data from disparate platforms and sources. With expertise across a wide range of technologies Revium can confidently offer advice specific to your business.

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Always-On Analytics Support

As you implement new marketing initiatives and make changes to your digital platforms, you need to ensure your data collection remains accurate and relevant. Revium's proactive analytics support ensures your valuable marketing performance data can always be trusted.

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GDPR & Data Privacy Laws

With the introduction of the European GDPR and Australia's NDB scheme, organisations need to understand their data handling responsibilities and plan for further tightening of data protection and privacy laws in Australia.

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News Bytes
  • Launched online sign-up function integrated with billing engine Orion with QAS Address validation for Alinta Energy

  • Designed and developed an aesthetically-pleasing website to showcase products and act as a major lead generator using Kentico CMS for Axieo

  • Developed mortgage discharge interactive PDF form using Adobe LiveCycle ES2 and Acrobat Pro for use by Land Victoria mortgagees

  • Launched a public website for Financial Counselling Australia using Kentico CMS.

  • Implemented SQL scripts and scheduled tasks for purging data in DMZ tables for Financial Ombudsman Service

  • Developed three client portal websites using Kentico CMS 7 for Henley - Henley, MainVue and Plantation

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