Cyber Security

Providing practical, technical & advisory services.

As our reliance on technology continues to evolve, cyber security is becoming an increasingly fundamental requirement for organisations to ensure digital assets and data are safe from attack or unauthorised access. With digital data now more valuable, and more vulnerable, than ever before, preparation and mitigation is the key to avoiding the often-crippling impact of a cyber security breach on your business.

Around 10% of Australian businesses are affected by a cybercrime event every year. Ransomware and Denial of Service attacks occur daily in Australia and the Federal Government recently estimated that cybersecurity incidents are costing Australian businesses $29 billion annually.

Cyber security comprises three core aspects - technology, process and practices - with the goal to ensure your digital assets, networks, infrastructure and data is protected in the first place, but that you are also prepared to deal with the worst if it should occur. Implementing technology, policies and practices in your business puts you in the best position to protect against the impacts of cyber crime and mitigate the risk of your organisations viability being challenged by a cyber security incident.

How Can Revium Help?

Revium has a wealth of experience in this space and can assist your organisation to prepare or respond to the current cyber security threat landscape. We are a partner organisation with the Australia Cyber Security Centre and offer a range of services including;

Cyber Threat Preparedness Audits - We audit your people, processes, and systems to understand your preparedness and identify gaps across each area.

System Security Penetration Testing - We assess your existing digital assets against known vulnerabilities and provide recommendations to resolve them.

Phishing Penetration Testing - We conduct staged phishing exercises to test how your staff would respond to potential phishing emails – practise makes perfect.

Cybersecurity Process & Policy Review - We assist with policy and process creation and reviews to ensure all key areas are covered.

Staff Training & Education Services - We conduct staff learning sessions and webinars to upskill you and your staff in effective security hygiene.

Data Backup & Restoration Support - We assist your team with backup and disaster recovery strategies to ensure your systems and data are backed up securely and can be restored when required.

Server, Firewall & System Hardening Services - Our team can strengthen your systems by removing unnecessary applications and services to minimise exposure to threats.

Incident Response Planning & Management Consulting - We assist with creating incident response plans and templates, as well as general consulting on any cyber security aspects that may impact your business.

Speak to Revium’s Cyber Security experts today about how we can assist in preparing your business to effectively manage cyber threats.