User Experience Design

Designing intuitive and engaging digital interactions and experiences

Underpinned by user insight, User Experience (UX) Design seeks to develop experiences that are innovative, relevant, useable and provide greater value to your users and the organisation.

With growing complexity in customer journeys, great UX design has never been more critical. UX Design ensures that individual user interactions are developed in a way that respond to the needs and desires of unique user types.

Through a clearly framed design challenge or opportunity our team utilise research to learn more about how users want and need to interact with a product and how the experience should respond to mental models, whilst meeting the objectives of the business.

We wrap common design systems and accessibility guidelines into our work as we iteratively develop concepts and wireframes, and employ ongoing user validation methods to refine the development of the experience.

Working within the Design Thinking Framework, Revium's UX Design team utilise a 'six levels of UX' approach to undertaking any interaction design task to ensure that we deliver experiences that not only look great, but work just as well.

The 6 levels framework see's digital interactions developed by identifying the user proposition, use case development and user journey in order to develop the more concrete elements of the interaction such as information, the architecture and the visual layer.

Usability is about people and how they understand and use things, not about technology