Concept Design and Workshops

Using design thinking to solve complex organisational challenges.

Design thinking is a great way to solve complex challenges or respond to unique opportunities through collaboration and co-design.

Design thinking is utilised by some of the most recognised innovative organisations across the world. Co-design harnesses the power of collaborative and creative problem solving to develop truly innovative products, services and experiences.

We use workshops and design thinking methods to bring your team together to solve complex challenges or respond to unique opportunities. Our team are experienced in working with clients to develop concepts and facilitate concept development through workshops and sprints, including;

  • Design workshops

  • Human centred design and design thinking workshops and training

  • Google design sprints

  • Organisational and customer co-design workshops

  • Culture workshops

  • Rapid prototype and testing workshops

We work with you to understand your unique challenge or opportunity to develop a workshop or design approach that brings together the best practices and people to deliver an exceptional, innovative outcome.

It’s not ‘us versus them’ or even ‘us on behalf of them.’ For a design thinker it has to be ‘us with them’