Customer Experience (CX) is fast overtaking price and product as the key driver of growth in brand equity by delivering digital experiences that satisfy customers and create long term brand advocates.

Revium is a CX consulting firm, designing and delivering CX strategies for organisations that give them greater service differentiation and enable long-term competitive advantage.

Our CX consulting team believes the key to delivering best-in-class digital experiences begins with an intimate understanding of who that experience is designed to touch and, importantly, how that experience aligns with your overall business and brand strategy.

We help businesses gain a deeper understanding of the real challenges facing their customers and staff, and how to best capitalise on the opportunities. We seek to deliver well-conceived CX strategies that enable organisations to understand pain points and deliver improved processes and messaging. This helps their customers to make effective decisions by presenting them with the right messages and experiences, through the right channels at the right time.

CX Consulting Process

Our team of CX design experts harness Human Centred Design (HCD) and Design Thinking methodologies to understand your unique challenge and develop concepts which are tested and validated against your business and customer needs.

The Double Diamond process follows 2 consecutive phases of divergent and convergent thinking. In the first diamond the discovery phase diverges to broadly understand the context, landscape, human interactions and what customer success means within the business problem. The Define phase then converges to identify the actual problems to be solved. In the second diamond the Develop phase diverges to explore possible solutions, while in the Deliver phase we refine, test and iterate the solutions.

Our approach enables us to rectify any disparity between what a business understands their customers’ problems to be, and the reality. Through this we uncover opportunities and solutions often missed or overlooked, or simply uncovered, and design solutions that are validated against your customer base often in conjunction with you team.

Delivering Real World Outcomes

CX doesn’t need to be seen as simply ‘fluffy’ or a nice-to-have – there are very tangible outcomes and benefits when great CX is delivered within an organisation.

Great CX impacts both top-line (higher retention, cross-sell and upsell, new customers) and bottom-line growth (lower cost to serve, lower customer acquisition and employee acquisition costs).

We help you test concepts and ideas against your target market quickly and with minimal investment. By understanding the audience appetite upfront, and refining concepts simply and quickly, we gain an early understanding of what will work. This helps to ensure you make the most informed investment.

A Holistic Digital Customer Experience Agency

Revium sees CX Research and Design as complementary to our core services in digital Design & User Experience, Development and Marketing. Understanding the users of digital services and touchpoints means we are able to design and deliver customer centric outcomes that go on to engage and delight - creating long term customers and brand advocates.

If you would like to find out more about how CX can benefit your organisation, get in touch with Revium today.

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