Customer Experience (CX) is fast overtaking price and product as the key driver of growth in brand equity; delivering organisations with greater differentiation and long-term competitive advantage. Conceiving a thoroughly researched CX strategy will enable your business to deliver a superior experience for your customers and unlock additional value in your products and services.

At Revium, we believe the key to delivering best-in-class digital experiences begins with an intimate understanding of who that experience is designed to touch, and importantly, how that experience aligns with your overall business and brand strategy.
Our team of CX Design experts harness Human Centred Design (HCD) and Design Thinking methodologies to understand your unique challenge and develop concepts which are tested and validated against your business and customer needs.
We put your customer at the centre of everything we do. We advocate for that customer in your organisation to help drive product and service innovation that serves to improve your Customer Experience, and in turn, drive tangible business benefits.

CX Services

Research & Consulting

  • Qualitative and quantitative customer and user research
  • Trends / Competitor analysis
  • Stakeholder and business research
  • Customer Persona development
  • Customer Journey Maps


  • Concept development
  • Design Sprints
  • Co-design workshops
  • Business case development
  • Future-state service visions
  • Customer communication strategies
  • Prototyping


  • Prototype testing
  • User testing

Consulting & Change Management

As consultants, we believe that we offer the most value to your organisation when we harness the knowledge and expertise of the people within the organisation. No one knows your unique business and customers better than you do – our practitioners simply introduce you to new ways of working, looking at problems from a new angle, bringing the right people together and asking the right questions.
Our aim when working with your business is to equip your people with the skills and frameworks they need to continue to utilise HCD and Design Thinking in the organisation long after we have left.

Business Benefit

Customer Experience doesn’t need to be seen as simply ‘fluffy’ or a nice-to-have – there are very tangible outcomes and benefits when great CX is delivered within an organisation.
Great CX impacts both top-line (higher retention, cross-sell and upsell, new customers) and bottom-line growth (lower cost to serve, lower customer acquisition and employee acquisition costs).
We help you test concepts and ideas against your target market quickly and with minimal investment. By understanding the audience appetite upfront, and refining concepts simply and quickly, we can gain an early understanding of what will work. This helps to ensure you make the most informed investment.
We work with your organisation to understand how the opportunity should impact the organisation and construct frameworks around the solution to help you measure long-term success.

Driving Better Development

Revium sees CX Research and Design as complementary to our core services in digital Design & User Experience, Development and Marketing. Understanding the users of digital services and touchpoints means we are able to design and deliver outcomes that are customer centric and go on to engage and delight - creating long term customers and brand advocates.
Contact us to find out how we can help your business.

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