Power Deal Manager (PDM) was developed over five years of collaboration between Revium and the Australian Energy Market. PDM is a web based application that generates quotes and contracts, and provides a framework for automating and reporting on Commercial and Industrial (C&I) electricity quotes and sales contracts.

The application automates much of the sales functions and processes for teams such as the commercial and industrial managers, sales staff, risk managers, pricing analysts and legal teams. PDM automatically prices every energy deal based on pre-defined pricing models. Other benefits of the system include:

  • Allows sales staff to only change profit margins and not the underlying quoting and pricing
  • Full user management, security and authentication to manage users, customers and quotes online
  • Legal and contract management to automatically generate sales contracts
  • Customisable workflow and upload of pricing files, including forward curves, renewable energy pricing and historical pricing information
  • Ability to track the contract approval process as it proceeds from the salesperson, through your specific approval processes all the way to management sign-off
The Power Deal Manager base module requires some installation and configuration to suit the precise needs of each customer. The best way to determine this requirements is with a video-conference or face to face chat.

For a full product feature list, or to request a demo, please contact us.


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Alinta Energy began using PDM as a way of improving and standardising their sales cycles. Alinta Energy specialise in delivering energy solutions to a range of large industries, including manufacturing, mining, government and commercial buildings. Alinta Energy's various C&I sales teams use unique and varied pricing models to quote, and therefore required a flexible and robust platform to calculate complex algorithms that relied on their business process and systems. 

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