VicSuper helps members to “make sense of their super”

Client overview

VicSuper Fund is one of Australia's largest public offer superannuation funds with over 245,000 members and $5.7 billion in net assets as at 31 March 2009. VicSuper Fund opened in 1994 and was originally a Victorian public-sector fund administered by the Victorian Superannuation Board (VSB), a Government organisation set up to administer the superannuation benefits of many Victorian public servants.

In July 2000, VicSuper Fund became a public offer fund. This means that people do not have to be employed by a VicSuper Fund participating employer to join. Any eligible person in Australia can join VicSuper's public offer benefit plans - VicSuper Beneficiary Account, VicSuper Commutable Pension and VicSuper Non-Commutable Pension.

What we've done for them

Online Calculators

The Government co-contribution calculator and the Superannuation projection calculator are two interactive calculators that help current and prospective members “make sense of their super”.

The calculators assist fund members in working out how much super they will have when they retire, as well as the difference additional contributions to their super will make in the long term.

The work is done on the ASP.NET2 platform with very extensive business logic and mathematical calculations. The calculators feature use of Telerik chart controls and produce complex dynamic graphs.

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