ENGIE Staff Innovation Portal Development


ENGIE is a global energy provider and one of Australia’s leading power generation companies. Revium has had a longstanding relationship with ENGIE delivering various digital projects across a range of services including website design and development, consulting, onsite support and hosting.

ENGIE required the design and delivery of a completely custom ‘Innovation Ideas Intranet Portal’ which would enable users to virtually crowd-fund innovative ideas they wished to support. While Revium were initially approached for page design, the project was extended to include both design and development of the application which would be accessed from within the ENGIE Intranet using Active Directory accounts.  


Revium needed to balance a tight budget for this proof of concept project whilst still developing and implementing an engaging portal of high quality and functionality. In order to overcome this challenge, the development of an administration interface was parked for later phases of the project. 


Revium devised a solution that utilised the ASP.NET MVC framework in order to stay consistent with the client’s application environment. The resulting portal enabled ‘crowd-funding’ of innovative ideas that could be implemented by ENGIE, where users spent virtual dollars to vote for their favourite idea. Pages and functionality included in the final designs were;

  • A dashboard displayed a summary of the top ideas in each category. These included Supported, Active, Watched and On-hold ideas. 

  • Supported / Progressed Ideas displayed ideas that had been actioned or progressed through votes. 

  • Active Ideas displayed the main voting section - this was designed to be prominent and display the top 10 ideas. 

  • Watched Ideas created an opportunity to display overflow ideas from the Active category which were not in the top 10.

  • On Hold Ideas was created as an archive for ideas that could not be actioned or could no longer be voted for.

  • Ideas List View displayed the ideas in a given category as a list, while Ideas Detailed View expanded on each idea and provided users with the vote functionality. 

  • Download Ideas List View enabled ENGIE's ‘Ideas Team’ to download the list of ideas, with details such as total votes and virtual dollars, which allowed them to analyse the status of individual ideas and progress them.


Revium delivered a fully functional Innovation Ideas Intranet Portal which was integrated into ENGIE's Active Directory. By providing an avenue for staff to buy-in to the concept of virtual dollars and prioritising their suggestions, ENGIE were able to give staff ownership of company improvements, increase staff engagement across numerous locations and breed company innovation.