Land Victoria Manages Land ownership Using Interactive Forms


Land Victoria is the Government body who are responsible for registering changes in land ownership in Victoria. Land Victoria is a part of the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

They required five interactive PDF’s that could be downloaded, and easily be filled out by its clients (including the public).  Due to the complex nature of their processes, each form needed to adhere to a strict workflow with conditional fields.  Revium worked closely with Land Victoria to implement suitable solutions for these needs.

Goals and Challenges

Land Victoria’s goals were to:

  • Create five interactive PDFs that could be downloaded, saved and printed out

  • Each form was customised to legislative requirements of the State of Victoria  

  • Implements a mandatory workflow with conditional fields which must be completed before the form is allowed to be printed and signed

  • Allows forms to be saved and completed later

  • Incorporate strong validation to reduce the chance of errors in the forms when they are processed by Land Victoria

The need for such customisable forms was the biggest challenge for Land Victoria, as many solutions had limitations of what they could achieve.


Revium utilised Adobe LiveCycle to develop the interactive PDF’s for Land Victoria.  Adobe LiveCycle was chosen as the best solution as it allows precise customisation of the workflow that other products could not provide. Revium developed the following five interactive PDF’s for Land Victoria:

  • Transfer of Land

  • Mortgage and Discharge of Mortgage forms

  • Caveat and Withdrawal of Caveat forms.

These forms contain conditional fields that are dependent their business rules as well as strong validation to ensure no required fields are missed.  Adobe LiveCycle makes filling out large forms simple.  These forms dramatically reduce the chance of invalid data being provided by the client for processing.

Forms are printed and signed by clients and posted to Land Victoria. Land Victoria uses an OCR process to process the forms which means it is essential that there are no errors on the form.


Land Victoria was able to report a significant reduction in data errors for these five lifecycle delivered forms. This improved the customer’s experience and correspondingly increased the efficiency of the back-office processing.

About Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager is a tool to create and manage complex digital forms that integrate with business rules, processes and data.  AEM forms are designed to work across multiple channels; both web and mobile based and reduce cumbersome paper processing by integrating with business processes.  It works with, and extends the capabilities of existing Adobe products such Adobe LiveCycle and XFA forms.  By using AEM, forms only needed to be coded once to work as both an interactive PDF or as a web form as part of a Content Management System.