Adobe Digital Experiences

Adobe has an array of technologies for the management and delivery of websites, content and assets. Using them together correctly reduces the complexity of delivering online experiences to the right customers.

Revium is a Melbourne based Adobe Solutions Partner. Revium can assist with all aspects of the Adobe technology suite and ecosystem. We will help you navigate Adobe Experience Manager, AEM Forms and the Adobe Document Cloud.

What does Adobe offer?

Adobe is multinational behemoth with a lot of opportunity to offer. Most people know of Adobe for their suite of creative products such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. This is Adobe’s strength - great software for creating and manipulating images and video.

They also created the PDF (Portable Document Format) standard and then gifted it to the world by making it freely accessible with Adobe Acrobat.

However lesser known is through commitment to research and development, along with a raft of acquisitions, Adobe offers a suite of other technology solutions including personalisation, campaign and experience marketing software.

As with all Revium technology partnerships, we align ourselves with those who offer best in class solutions, which is why we are an Adobe Solutions Partner. We help leading organisations and innovators understand, implement and harness the Adobe ecosystem to their competitive advantage.

What Adobe technologies are relevant?

Apart from the obvious software products we are all familiar with mentioned above, there are several Adobe product suites that Revium can assist you implement:

  1. Adobe Experience Manager
    A digital experience management solution that helps your business deliver compelling content across web, mobile, and the Internet of Things.

  2. AEM Forms - previously known as LiveCycle
    Turn any PDF document into an interactive file that can be completed on any device and saved, stored or sent digitally.

  3. Adobe Marketing Cloud
    Adobe Marketing Cloud gives you a complete set of integrated digital marketing solutions. It provides everything you need to organise, access and personalise your marketing content. It gives you deep insights into what’s working with your customers and the ability to consistently deliver the best experiences to every customer across every channel.

  4. Adobe Campaign
    A set of solutions that help you personalise and deliver campaigns across all of your online and offline channels. With Adobe Campaign you can manage your data and monitor the performance of your cross-channel campaigns from one place. Deliver engaging email using personalised, contextual and real-time email messages to deliver a compelling customer experience. Automate campaigns with marketing automation to increase your campaign productivity and reduce your time to market.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

The most commonly utilised Adobe product is AEM, comprising 5 modules that Revium can help you implement:

  1. Sites; a content management system within Experience Manager that gives you one place to create, manage and deliver digital experiences across websites, mobile sites, and on-site screens to make them global in reach, yet personally relevant and engaging.

  2. Assets; a digital asset management system that uniquely connects to existing creative workflows, providing distributed teams with a centralised location to manage and deliver engaging, channel optimised experiences across your customer’s journey.

  3. Forms; Helps you make form and document processes paperless, efficient, and automated. It transforms any manual paper or form based workflow such as surveys, application forms and ongoing correspondence into simple, streamlined experiences.

  4. Communities; helps you create online community experiences, including forums, user groups, learning resources and other social features that are valuable to customers, employees and your brand.

  5. Livefyre; lets you tap into everything shared on the web to create a constant flow of fresh and high-quality content on your own sites.

Case Studies

For the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and Land Use Victoria we helped them streamline paper based processes and increase processing efficiency of the many forms used in the sale and transfer of land and mortgages.

For Westpac and St George Bank we have transformed a series of complex questionnaires and legislative requirements into one interactive PDF document which will conditionally display fields based on previous submissions and validate the entries. Substantial time and cost savings were achieved by near eliminating the receipt of incorrectly completed documents at the banks. The interactive PDFs that were created guide and correct the user before they submit the form digitally, via email or by post.

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