How Revium Gives Back to Others & the Environment

At Revium, we value giving back to those in our community and offering our support to Australians who are experiencing difficult times. One way we do this is through donating a portion of our profits to charity each year and taking part in group challenges to raise awareness.

For the 2021/22 financial year, we have been able to support a range of charities that improve the lives of individuals in Australia and work to combat climate change.

We would like to shine a light on these charities and commend them for the amazing work they do each and every day.

Push Up Challenge

Revium has taken part in The Push Up Challenge for a second year in a row. Our team completed over 18,000 push ups throughout June to raise awareness and funds for mental health! The funds are donated to Lifeline – a national charity providing Australians with 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services. Every 30 seconds, someone reaches out to Lifeline for help. Donations like these assist Lifeline to be able to answer more requests and reduce the wait time for crisis support.

Revium also held a wrap-up event on the last day of the challenge – coming together to celebrate our efforts as a team and discuss the importance of taking care of your mental health.

World Wide Fund for Nature

Revium adopted a turtle we named “Franklin” and began monthly donations to the World Wide Fund (WWF) who protect this vulnerable species, particularly in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Turtles are threatened by pollution, commercial fishing and illegal trading. The WFF help at-risk turtles and protect our oceans through expanding marine sanctuaries, campaigning to reduce plastic pollution and contributing to lifesaving scientific research.

Breast Cancer Network Australia

Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) does amazing work supporting Australians affected by breast cancer, ensuring they receive the best care, treatment and assistance. Breast cancer is an all too common disease - with 57 people per day in Australia diagnosed with it. By purchasing virtual tickets to the Pink Lady 2022 Fundraiser Match, we stand together to show our support. The BCNA is also proudly supported by Red Energy – one of Revium’s long term clients.


Red Cross is an Australian humanitarian organisation that was founded over a century ago. They work to help individuals in need and strengthen communities. Some of their incredible initiatives include supporting those recovering from climate disasters, assisting migrants in their transitions, providing opportunities for First Nations people, community and homelessness services and Blood Donation centres.

Planet Ark

Planet Ark is an Australian environmental organisation that aims to make positive environmental actions accessible to everyone. They provide ideas and solutions for communities, schools and workplaces across the country so that we can all work together to improve our environmental impact. Some of their programs include National Recycling Week, National Tree Day, Planet Ark Power and PODcycle.

Black Rainbow

Black Rainbow is a non-profit organisation that is 100% Indigenous owned and operated. They work to improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBQTI+SB people. Black Rainbow offers micro-grants to the community, a Futures Fund to help individuals excel in their chosen field and provide phone data to those who may be homeless or leaving a domestic violence relationship, allowing them to stay connected with loved ones.

Clean Up Australia

Clean Up Australia does just what their name suggests – they clean up, fix up and conserve our environment. In addition to the annual Clean Up Australia Day, they host clean up events throughout the year and give any community, school or workplace the opportunity to get involved. To date, 38.5 million hours of volunteer time has been donated to Clean Up activities!

Animal Aid

Animal Aid works to give lost, unwanted and abandoned animals a second chance – with 6,000 animals coming through their doors each year. Animal Aid provide food, veterinary care and a place of comfort for these animals. While their adoptive services give these animals a chance to find a new, loving home.

Black Dog Institute

Black Dog Institute is an organisation committed to making a change in the mental health space. They are the only medical research institute in Australia that investigates mental health across the lifespan, through research studies, educational programs, digital tools, clinical services and more. Through their research, they aim to improve the way we treat, manage and prevent common mental health conditions.

Australian Conservation Foundation

Another environmental organisation we have supported is the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF). The ACF pushes for bold solutions and systemic change to the big climate issues we currently face. Some of their strategies include advocating to our elected officials to make good choices for our planet, campaigning for clean energy and the phase out of coal, stopping the destruction of wildlife habitats and protecting Australia’s native animals.

We appreciate and commend these charities for all of the amazing work they do to support Australians and protect our natural environment.